Are you ready for the new cannabis vending machines?

Published Aug 31, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is brand new, so it makes sense that it’s changing at a fantastic pace, but very few consumers were expecting what’s about to come next. Though plans were in the works for quite some time before now, the arrival of COVID-19 paved the way for the rise of the cannabis vending machine. The goal of these devices was to simplify the process of buying and ordering products, but now it’s being touted as an ideal solution for contact-free purchases.


Anna is the most recently highlighted vending machine business to hop into the wide world of cannabis, and so far, these fantastic tools are available in only one location, at Strawberry Fields dispensary in Colorado. Luckily, the plan is to roll out a second wave of the cannabis vending machine, and with the wide amount of praise that the ones already in circulation are getting, they will soon be at a wide variety of other further away dispensaries sometime soon.

What each vending machine has to offer

This device is a whole lot more than your average vending machine, as its technologically advanced software and flawless performance can help both dispensaries and consumers by offering a broad range of unique services including:

  1. Products

Cannabis products of all sorts can be placed into a vending machine, which means that they can doll out everything from freshly cured flower to shatter, oil, and other more expensive cannabis concentrates like cannabutter or tincture.

  1. Online ordering

Generally, when you make a purchase at a vending machine, you have to go to it, and physically punch in your order after feeding it just the right amount of money to make the transaction, but gone are the days where cash or even credit was a necessity. With this new vending machine, consumers can shop and pay for their orders online before heading in-store to pick up their selection.

  1. Contact-free pickup

With the pandemic still in the air and on everyone's minds, consumers are looking for ways to shop that offer low or no contact options for safer transactions, and this vending machine is perfect for that. The only thing that customers will have to touch is the buttons that can be easily sanitized between uses, so it’s a simpler and safer way to shop, given the current circumstances that surround us all.

  1. Cannabis jobs

We tend to think of cannabis jobs as part of the growing process, but in this case, the vending machine creates just as many jobs as it takes away. Though there is no longer any need for a knowledgeable budtender, as most orders are placed before consumers arrive, it is still necessary to build the machines and to check identifications, plus someone has to fill it, which means that for every machine at least three cannabis jobs will be created.

  1. Faster service

With a cannabis vending machine, dispensaries and customers no longer have to worry about long lineups or crowds, which means that in the end, everyone who buys from one will receive top-notch service at a much faster pace than ever before, and during or immediately preceding a pandemic less time in public is something that consumers want more than ever before.

How to find a cannabis vending machine near you

If you like the idea of a cannabis vending machine, then be sure to mention it to your local dispensary, as for now, there are very few of these tools in circulation. So unless you live in the heart of Colorado, you probably won’t be able to find one near you, but it is very likely something that you’ll be seeing at a dispensary near you sometime very soon.

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