Are there any cannabis delivery services in Canada?

Published Jul 5, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Are you one of the many who has been sitting around wondering what to do on a Saturday night? The car has a flat tire, and you have no spare. You believe in the social distancing orders. However, you have a desire for your favourite pizza and a few tokes on that new strain of marijuana bud your friends have been telling you about. Well, now you can have both delivered directly to your house. Cannabis delivery services are in Canada, so let's check some of them out.

The rules

Registered marijuana patients have been able to order medical cannabis directly from LP's. However, the recreational consumer has to abide by different regulations, which vary from province to province. Shipping from province to province by legal retailers is not permitted. Retailers may only ship within the province that they operate in, and privately-owned cannabis stores are not permitted to deliver cannabis to the consumer. The only one authorized for that is official crown corporations.

Then COVID came to town, and things had to change. Canada Post, a cannabis delivery service, has suspended the age-restricted drop-offs they once offered. During these daunting times, this part of Canada Post cannabis delivery service is on hold. Cannabis delivery requires a signature, and Canada Post has chosen to take a  big step in attempting to keep their employees safe.

Delivery during this time will be on hold, and cannabis will need to be picked up at local post-offices if this cannabis delivery service is used. Other delivery services, however, will drop off your order when you need your marijuana bud or other pot online products, like Pineapple Express Delivery.

Pineapple Express Delivery

For cannabis delivery on the same day, check out PED. They will be at your door on the same day as you place an order for your marijuana bud. This same day service is a popular option, but business delivery is also provided for clients across Canada. Pineapple Express Delivery is there to assist in the delivery of medical and recreational marijuana bud or whatever your preferred cannabis product is.

Pineapple Express Delivery comes to you with over ten years of same-day delivery service experience, and the company comes with perks like:

  • When the delivery is five mins away, the customer will receive an SMS to notify the driver's arrival time.
  • Their software enables the customer to see in real-time, any, and all updates about the drop-off.
  • All SOP’s, POD’s and signatures from the customers are documented digitally.
  • They offer affordable rates for the option of same-day delivery.
  • PED is 100% compliant and will protect your license.
  • Workers with plenty of experience.

Pineapple Express Delivery offers not only same-day delivery to an individual customer, but they also handle B2B shipments for the marijuana industry throughout Canada. The company can accommodate you by land or air.

Pineapple Express Delivery is your one-stop shopping for cannabis delivery and transportation. There are also perks for cannabis delivery in the legal cannabis business space, and some of those include:

  • Cost-effective - The company only pays for what services they need. This includes non-armed vehicles and unnecessary personnel
  • The ability to handle last-minute changes and orders
  • No need to worry about any issues, the first point of contact person will handle any changes if required

Business is good for the cannabis delivery service industry. The people working with PED include Licensed Producers, retailers, and business partners like 3 Sixty.

COVID-19 has come into our lives, and, for some, it has changed everything in ways that we may never fully understand. Cannabis has been the support that many have used during these trying times, and companies like Pineapple Express Delivery have continued to keep recreational and medical cannabis users supplied with marijuana bud.

Take a moment to be sure that when you purchase pot online,  the delivery method is as secure as the Pineapple Express Delivery service.

As we travel forward in these uncertain times, it is becoming more apparent that methods of obtaining our marijuana bud have changed. Cannabis delivery seems to meet all requirements of maintaining the social distancing that is helping to flatten the curve of the virus and return us to some normality. However, delivery services may stay as demanding as they are now for the foreseeable future. Times are a-changing.

Why weed delivery should be part of Canadas new normal post COVID19


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