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Published Oct 1, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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The worlds most extensive and the professional cannabis science expo brought together some of the greatest cannabis industry experts, manufacturers, testing labs, medical practitioners and policymakers in the world. CSC is more than a Cannabis expo, as it aims to improve cannabis science for the benefit of everyone.

This year the cannabis industry professionals and enthusiasts attending the Cannabis Science Convention had the privilege of hearing about the "Australia's Sweetheart & International Icon." This popular couple were the West Plenary Speakers; "Amazon" John Easterling & Olivia Newton-John. Both of whom joined the convention for interested listeners.

This fantastic couple let attendees in on their Plant Medicine A Personal Healing Journey with a focus on natural botanical healing. Seven years ago their company began focusing on marijuana. John respects the cannabis plant the same way he was taught by elders in the rainforest when using medicinal plants and herbs.

Highlighted topics of discussion

The conference used the appropriate slogan of “bridging the gaps between cannabis, science, and medicine” by introducing speakers from the


  • Dr. Keith Allen brings knowledge from the agricultural research field.

  • AC Braddock CEO of Eden Labs pioneered the extraction for healthy cannabis concentrates.

  • Riley Cote former Canadian ice hockey champion founded Hemp Heals Foundation, a non- profit organization dedicated to promoting hemp for its viable and renewable resources, and to help improve the environment and the health of the public.


  • Cannabis, Leading the way in personalized lifestyle medicine introduced by Laura Lagano: Holistic Cannabis Academy.

  • The New Case for Edibles: Kristie Amobi, Rebalan Introduces a basic introduction to cannabis the endocannabinoid system, methods of consumption, and evidence-based guidelines.

  • Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine. Stephen Cital. ElleVetn Sciences: discussion of research into companion animals and marijuana benefits.

  • Cultivation

    • Melanie Yelton LumiGrow Inc provides LED's ability to modify photoperiod, spectrum, and intensity, ensuring production consistency. Lighting is one of the most significant capital investments.

    • Yan Ren-Butcher Ultraviolet Supplement for Higher Yield Better Quality, and Reduction of Powdery Mildew. The presentation included how to provide UV lighting to the plants.

    • Roger Kem, Ph.D. Agate Biosciences: Clean Practices for Clean Cannabis. Cleanliness in the cannabis cultivation can not be emphasized enough. With focus on why screening your plants before they enter your facility is paramount in the “Start Clean and Stay clean” philosophy

    The hottest weed news online today is provided thanks to the many cannabis conventions held every single year. It helps to show that the cannabis industry is open for all who want to learn and exchange knowledge and that the path to learning more about this fascinating and profitable cannabis business could be through these kinds of events. The gathering of experts and cannabis culture enthusiasts is enabled by such conferences as the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference West held in Portland, Oregon. September 4- 6, 2019.

    Next year’s date

    The expectations for next years 2020 Cannabis Science Conference is based on the past attendance and involvement will likely surpass this year. Look forward to the Cannabis Science Conference in Baltimore MD from April 6-8, 2020 for all of the new and current networking and information surrounding the cannabis culture from both medical and recreational perspectives.

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