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Published Sep 12, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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When it comes to finding the best online vape store, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. The internet is overflowing with thousands of different companies that claim to have every vaporizer that you could ever want, but anyone can make a website, and not all online sources are trusted. One of the most popular online vape stores of 2019 is Vapor Authority, and this article is a rundown of everything that these guys have to offer including where to find the products, which ones they have, and reasons why Vapor Authority may be the best online vape store to date.

What is Vapor Authority?

Vapor Authority is a family-owned and operated online vape store that offers a wide range of products and accessories for all your vaping needs. Products are displayed online and shipped to customers all over the globe from one central headquarters location. Vapor Authority has been in business for well over 10 years and is a trusted source of vapes and vaporizer products.

Vapor Authority Products

This isn’t your average head shop, and a quick glance of what is available online shows an incredibly vast selection of a variety of different vape related products including consumables, replacement parts and devices to suit nearly any budget.

  • Vaporizer mods
  • Vape pens
  • Tabletop vaporizers
  • Cleaning tools
  • Storage bags
  • E-cigarettes
  • Starter kits
  • Vaporizer batteries
  • E-liquid
  • Vape mods
  • Vape tanks
  • Coils
  • Cleaning solution

Where does Vapor Authority ship to?

Vapor Authority will ship products to customers located nearly anywhere in the United States and Canada, though shipping rates are high for Canadian consumers. There are also plenty of options for international consumers, as long as country and/or state regulations allow the selling of vaporizer devices and products.

How long does shipping take?


Vapor Authority offers several shipping options for customers to choose from including a super-fast 1-3 day, regular 2-4 or slow shipping which can take up to 7 business day to arrive.

Does Vapor Authority have physical storefronts?

Right now, there are no storefronts that are open to the general public to shop through Vapor Authority products and options. Though they do have a headquarter located in San Diego California, for now, customers can only access this companies inventory online.

Why you should choose Vapor Authority

Though everyone has their own reasons and preferences when it comes to deciding which one is the best online vape store if you have yet to make a purchase through Vapor Authority, then here are just a few of the reasons that you might want to consider becoming a customer:

  • No fees or charges for returned items
  • Extended warranty available on most items
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • A wide selection of high-quality products from world-leading brands
  • Family owned and operated
  • History of happy customers
  • In service for over 10 years
  • Trusted and safe online transactions
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions

Overall, the website is easy to navigate and includes a wide variety of vaporizer products and accessories, and the prices are incredibly competitive when compared to your average head shop or cannabis dispensary which is the reason why so many people feel that Vapor Authority is the best online vape store ever.

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