A complete list of big cannabis events happening in 2021

Published Jan 19, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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The new year is finally here, and though it might not have brought forth the new COVID-free beginning we had all hoped for, everyone is staying hopeful while we make the best of this situation. The cannabis community was one of the very first to step up and help when things got tough by donating masks, gowns, and other much needed PPE to frontline workers, and it was also the quickest to adapt in ways that would allow both consumers and business owners to make necessary connections as safely as possible.

Many of the cannabis events that we love have gone 100% virtual to accommodate the constantly changing situation, as there could be a ban on in-person gatherings at any time, but there are still plenty of good shows that are scheduled to happen the traditional way, all be it with additional controls and rules in place. Here, we’ve done our best to bring you the best of both worlds by listing all of the most exciting and inclusive cannabis events that should be coming our way in 2021. You might not see small local gatherings mentioned, but the brightest opportunities that are set to go are all right here.


We’ve got some incredible news at the end of last year, as countries around the world began rolling out new vaccines, but we still have a long way to go before things will return to normal, and there is always a possibility that some regions could tighten their restrictions again, while we figure out how to beat this thing. So, while these cannabis events are all in the works, some dates or presentation platforms might change depending on what happens with the virus, so it is important to check for updates frequently.

In-person cannabis events

These cannabis events will offer live presentations, booth displays, interactions, and more in a real-life setting. Some might also provide the opportunity for interested participants to sign up to view the fun remotely, but the majority are sticking to old scripts. It is highly likely that things like masks and social distancing will be enforced, so be sure to check for rules and restrictions at each cannabis event before signing up.

Athens Cannabis Expo in Athens, Greece, on January 15th

Southern US Hemp Growers in Tampa, Florida, on January 17th

Future Cannabis Strategies Group in London, United Kingdom, on January 27th

Asian Hemp Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal, on January 29th

Indo Expo in Denver, Colorado, on January 30th

USA CBD Expo in Vegas, Nevada, on February 5th

Cannabis Packaging Summit in Anaheim, California, on February 9th

2021 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Oklahoma Summit & Exo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on
February 10th

Alternative Investments Research & Due Diligence Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 10th

SPAC Conference in New York City, New York, on February 11th

CANNACON Midwest in Chicago, Illinois, on February 12th

Industrial Hemp Summit in Danville, Virginia, on February 22nd

Emerald Conference in San Diego, California, on February 24th

IECSC NY in New York City, New York, on March 7th

Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo in Birch Run, Michigan, on March 18th

AAD Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, on March 19th

Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. on March 24th

NECANN Boston in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 24th

CBD Expo MIDWEST in Chicago Illinois, on March 26th

CannaCon Midwest in Detroit, Michigan, on April 2nd

Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, on Aril 23rd


Canadians and Psychedelics Research Conference in Montreal, Canada, on Aril 25th

Eastern US Hemp Conference and Expo in Buffalo, New York, on Aril 25th

Meet Delic in Los Angeles, California, on May 1st

Lucky Leaf Expo Austin in Austin, Texas, on May 14th

The Plastics Show / NPE 2021 in Orlando, Florida, on May 17th

Catalyst 2021 in Calgary, Alberta, on May 21st

Lift & Co in Toronto, Canada, on May 27th

IECSC Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 20th

Hospitality Financial and Technology professionals Conference (HITEC) in Dallas,
Texas, on June 21st

Lucky Leaf Exo Dallas in Dallas, Texas, on July 9th

NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo/Cannabiz Summit in San Francisco,
California, on August 3rd

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference in Detroit, Michigan, on August 25th

INSIGHT 2021 in Berlin, Germany, on September 9th

2021 ISPA Conference & Expo in Aurora, Colorado, on September 20th

Virtual cannabis events

Even if we can eventually go back to some semblance of normal this year, chances are pretty good that COVID won’t be leaving anytime soon, so many will be looking for safer ways to connect and interact this year, and that’s where virtual cannabis events come in. After having several months to practice, prepare, and iron out the wrinkles, these fantastic virtual gatherings are new and improved, in some cases offering a better, more functional experience than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Cannabis Meets Healthcare Virtual Expo on January 26th

SXSW on March 16th

Women Grow Strong Virtual Conference on March 25th

CannaGROW Harvest: Operations Virtual Expo on April 21st

Food+Beverage Cannavation Virtual Expo on May 19th

CannaOne Bizcon+Awards Virtual Expo on June 17th

More is on the way

The year has only begun, and a lot of the big names in the cannabis industry are lying low and waiting to make any big decisions in regard to their cannabis events, which is a responsible move with how quickly things seem to change. As time goes on, we expect to see even more big announcements for 2021, and we’ll do our best to ensure that we bring you all of the most intimate details about every one of them so that you don’t miss a single thing!

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