5 Ways to buy cannabis without ever leaving home

Published Nov 18, 2022 11:35 a.m. ET
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In this day and age, we’re all looking for new ways to save time, in hopes of stretching every single minute as far as possible. This is clear by our ever-growing reliance on fast food, and the surge in demand for grocery delivery services over these last few years, and who can blame us?

We’re overworked and tired, and there’s just never enough time in a day to accomplish everything we’d love to do, so it makes sense to cut out unnecessary errands whenever possible, and for some that might mean finding a way to avoid having to make the trip to a dispensary to buy cannabis in person.

Here we cover five creative, innovative, and simple ways to buy cannabis from the comfort of your living room or the confines of your office so that it’s ready for you when you need it the most.

1. Order online

It’s never been easier to buy weed online than it is right now, and if you’re making purchases through a reputable licensed retailer then there’s no need to worry about your personal information, or the possibility of your products never arriving. You can scroll through menus, pay using debit or credit, and then sit back and wait for your order to show up, in some cases in as little as a couple of hours.

2. Use an app

Uber Eats just made headlines after announcing the arrival of cannabis on the menu for Torontonians, and those living outside of the big city have other options such as Leafly, which processes orders for several dispensaries in different cities across Canada. All you have to do is download the software, log in, shop for the things you need, pay, and wait for it to arrive. Most even offer the benefit of price comparing which is great if you’re on a budget and looking to save some money.

3. Pre-order


Technically you might have to go inside at least once for this, but most dispensaries love to take pre-orders for customers, which is just a fancy way of saying they’ll charge you for and deliver packages routinely as arranged. You don’t generally have to pay ahead, so this is a great way to keep stocked up on the products you love without having to stress over how much you have left because the next delivery will never be far away again.

4. Call your local dispensary

If you’ve already got a retailer that’s earned your loyalty as a customer, and you aren’t comfortable with the idea of shopping online, then you might want to consider giving them a call to see if they can deliver cannabis to your home or office. Even if it’s not a service they technically offer, they might be willing to make an exception for certain people. Alternatively, if they can’t bring it to you they may also have recommendations on other local vendors who would be happy to help.

5. Enlist the help of a friend or family member

It can be a pain if your dispensary won’t deliver cannabis to your home, or if you can’t afford the extra delivery fee, but there are ways around this problem. Call on friends, family members, or even community members who might be able to assist by purchasing your cannabis products for you. It’s certainly not ideal to wait on someone who isn’t on a strict time schedule, but you’ll never have to leave home if you find someone to trust with this task.

Apple users can finally buy weed from the Weedmaps app


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