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5 Fire LGBTQ+ owned, operated, or founded cannabis brands

Published Aug 5, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET

Whether you’re looking to add some flair to the way you celebrate Pride month or you’re trying to find a way to support queer dispensaries, cannabis brands, or delivery services, this list is an excellent place to start. Check out these five fantastic artisans, photographers, entrepreneurs, and cultivators who are all working hard to bring their expertise, passion and pride to cannabis culture and the industry.

1. Madame Munchie

Kim Geraghty founded Madame Munchie in 2014, and this cannabis brand specializes in high-end gourmet sweet edibles, dessert toppings, other snacks, and a wide variety of pre-rolls that are available all over the state of California. Geraghty’s edibles are made with locally sourced ingredients and they’re sustainable, but she’s doing more than providing great treats for consumers. She’s raising awareness and bringing attention to fellow LGBTQ entrepreneurs in the community while proving to them that the green industry is one that’s widely accepting of all different types of people.

2. Sava

Sava promotes LGBTQ+visibility in the cannabis industry while providing consumers with a way to support ethical brands with a diverse range of creators. Founded by CEO Andrea Brooks, Sava collaborates with several BIPOC and AAPI owned or operated cannabis brands in hopes of bringing a wider range of unique products to the market. To do this, they carry a minimum of 50% women-owned brands and 20% BIPOC options at any given time while offering consumers the ability to shop according to specific moral values, which makes it easy for people to support the brands they personally align with the most.

3. Stone Road

Founded in 2016 by CEO Lex Corwin, this cannabis farm is working to make a difference by using an employee-owned structure and using ethical means to cultivate their most prized product, pre-rolled joints. It’s also a company that prides itself on diverse hiring strategies, fair pay, and a business model that puts both consumers and employees over profit. Many consumers know Stone Road for its Instagram page, which shows off consumer submitted photos of beautiful people enjoying weed, and over half of them feature BIPOC and LGBTQ+ users who passionately show their support for it through photography, a rare and refreshing find among cannabis brands.


4. Peak Extracts

This one is a unique cannabis brand that was founded and is operated by Katie Stem and Katie Black, a queer couple who built the extract company by making everything from vapes to topicals and edibles. Peak Extracts is all about finding consumers the perfect cannabis experience, be it through a bong, a sweet treat, or a soothing bath, making it big with a hemp topical called Rescue Rub. Unlike most cannabis brands, Peak Extracts provides single strain options that are less focused on cannabinoid content and more so designed to produce a specific combination of desired effects.

Stem and Black are both experienced advocates for the LGBTQ where cannabis has been used to heal, fighting for cannabis reform and marriage equality all at the same time. Between Stem’s personal journey as a medicinal patient and her reputation as a fierce activist, and Black’s passion for fighting for what’s right, the couple are honorable members of the cannabis community, making waves, and bringing fairness to the industry.

5. Calibueno

Founded by the amazing Claudia Mercado, Calibueno is putting moral values and quality above profits by providing affordable and ethically sourced cannabis products that are made by small-scale cannabis brands. The company boasts a great business model, partnering with POC and LGBTQ+ owned businesses to create a fair playing field by running an ethical supply chain where consumers of all types feel welcome. Calibueno offers weed delivery to the East Bay area in Oakland, staying close to Claudia’s hometown roots for the benefit of the local community.

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