5 Dream cannabis jobs that actually exist

Published Jan 2, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Legitimate, on the books, cannabis jobs are a brand-new thing that’s been a lifesaver for thousands who needed reliable and stable employment. These positions are plenty, but they are rarely on the market for long before someone comes along and snaps up the opportunity. It’s the dream for many consumers to work with the plant they love so much, but some marijuana jobs are certainly better than others despite all the hype.

You can find general labourer gigs and driving positions that will have you travelling around the province to deliver all of the incredible goods to dispensaries and opportunities to work in advertising or content generation. Still, the dream jobs, those that many strive to achieve someday, are much more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for cannabis jobs to apply for or just debating the possibilities that are out there, this list contains some of the very best places to start.

1. Bud taster

You’ve probably never seen a job advertisement for bud tasting because this is an incredibly comfy job that many stoners would kill for, so vacancies never last for very long, but they are out there. That’s right, there are companies worldwide searching for connoisseurs who can help them perfect the taste, smell, and consistency of their products, and you could be just the person to assist them with that! Imagine getting paid to smoke weed. Talk about a dream come true!

2. Master grower

Growing cannabis plants might not sound all too exciting to the average consumer, but for those who truly appreciate all of the work that goes into cultivation, it’s the perfect dream job. To have complete and total control over every tiny aspect of a crop. Then to have the opportunity to see the beauty of it all come to fruition when it’s finally time to harvest is exciting, fast-paced, and demanding work that’s quite fulfilling for the right person.

3. Joint roller


Rolling the perfect joint is a skill that not every consumer is blessed with, but if you can spin them up by the hundreds while keeping everything looking uniform, then you might be perfectly suited to be a joint roller. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but we know this position exists after public announcements from famous individuals like Snoop Dogg, who has said that he pays $50 000 each year for this service. To spend all day working with weed while brushing shoulders with the rich and famous that sounds like a pretty fantastic job to us!

4. Budtender

Dispensary jobs were once highly sought after as the only legal positions that most consumers knew about. Still, most of the work done here is manual labour and shelf stocking like you’d expect at any retail store, with the exception of slightly more exciting products. Budtenders, on the other hand, are the exception because they hold a wealth of information and knowledge that is helpful to almost anyone who walks in. If you like people, giving advice, and making cannabis recommendations, then this might just be your dream gig.

5. Edibles creator

Now that the market is beginning to open up, we see brand new opportunities, and one of the most exciting cannabis jobs to come out of 2020 is the edibles creator. This part of the industry has barely ramped up, so there is plenty of room for entrepreneurs to take up the task of creating new delicious competitive edibles that can be enjoyed by consumers everywhere. Be it drinks, chocolates, gourmet dishes, and edibles; creators are making leaps and bounds towards multimillion-dollar ideas thanks to this hot new market.

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