10 Benefits to gain by supporting local cannabis businesses

Published Jun 19, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you’ve been by your local dispensary only to discover that it’s not quite what you’d hoped for, and it’s easy to look further for bigger and better opportunities. We’ve got the internet, as well as dozens of other options in neighbouring cities or towns, and you might be tempted to explore those alternatives, but we’re here today to show you why it’s so important for both consumers and cannabis businesses that you choose to shop local.

1. Save money

If you need a cannabis purchase shipped halfway across the province, it’s going to cost a lot of money compared to a delivery from right next door. Of course, there are many factors involved when it comes to pricing in this industry, but for the most part, if you’re shopping local, then you’re much more likely to save a tonne.

2. Loyalty

Walking into any cannabis business is still a relatively new thing for most consumers, as we’re greeted by a host of exciting things that weren’t available too long ago, but after a few visits, you’ll begin to notice that both you and the workers you deal with will begin to develop a sense of loyalty towards one another. Building trust makes it so that you can influence things like products that make it on the shelves by simply giving feedback, and it also ensures the customer has the smoothest, most enjoyable experience.

3. Time

This one is a no-brainer, but it adds up quite a bit more than most realize, especially after years of purchases. Walking 10 minutes down the street is much faster than waiting weeks for an out-of-area delivery, saving you time that could be spent doing far more productive things than refilling your stash. Time is money, after all!

4. Transparency

When a consumer chooses cannabis brands that are too far away to reach in person, it makes investigating those businesses much more difficult. Their pot products could be coming from literally anywhere, and without a sense of loyalty, vendors are unlikely to even speak to you, nevermind the lack of motivation to stay honest, as they’ll never have to face you or any of your complaints in person.

5. A stronger community

Most don’t realize this, but cannabis is incredible for a community because everyone benefits, and not just those who choose to partake. Property values go up, the economy is stimulated, jobs are created, and often donations are made to the neediest of organizations. By supporting local cannabis businesses, you also ensure a stronger, more secure future for your community, a change that can directly impact you or your neighbours.

6. Confidence in purchases

When you shop local, you support those businesses with continued purchases, and over time, mere exposure to the same products inside of the same business that’s filled with friendly, familiar faces can help to build confidence in the shopping experience. At the same time, continuously experimenting with the same cannabis goods from the same place every single time lends more predictability to the purchase and, therefore, a far better sense of control over the effects.

7. Fresher choices

We’ve touched on the long wait that likely lies ahead if you choose not to shop local, be it during the trip there or while at home waiting for the mailman to arrive, and though cannabis products can hold up pretty well over a reasonable amount of time, travel and weeks on end will surely guarantee that what arrives likely isn’t in as good of a shape as it would have been before it shipped. Add in multiple sets of hands that could touch the products, especially when Canada Post gets involved, and you can pretty much guarantee that what you’ll get locally will be fresher and in better shape.

8. Personalized assistance

Your local budtender is able to offer up ideas, especially if a customer looks like they need the help, and that’s a great thing, but the first few tries could be a hit or miss situation. The thing is that a good budtender will learn with you, eventually getting to know what works and what doesn’t, which eventually leads to much more reliable and effective recommendations in the case of both old and new products, a very useful benefit that can take the stress out of buying weed.

9. Convenience

Why wait, lose money, sacrifice loyalty, send money outside of your community, and willingly give up a personalized assistant and friend who is nearly always just a phone call away for the best advice when it’s just so darn convenient to shop local? Sure, it might not always be the most exciting, but it will be reliable, beneficial, and oh so easy to just stick close to home instead.

10. A more positive experience with cannabis

Especially now, when this is all so new and fresh, it might seem easier to place a discreet, long-distance order that doesn’t come with the requirements of chatting it up with a stranger, leaving the house, or being seen in or near a green business. It makes sense for those with anxiety to avoid this scene, but if you want to get the most out of your cannabis experience, the best way to do that is by shopping local and getting involved with these types of businesses until you eventually feel right at home there.

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