Woman to woman, does cannabis belong in the bedroom?

Published Mar 5, 2019 10:34 a.m. ET

 Marijuana and libido

 Cannabis can increase your libido ladies. It will release those positive endorphins and increase vaginal lubrication. This, ladies will enhance your sexual relationships.

There are other means of which to boost that sluggish libido: exercise, drinking wine, chocolate, change of partner. I’m only joking about the partner changing bit. We will be focusing on how consuming cannabis can assist in raising that libido.

Cannabis when used short-term has definite anxiety-reducing qualities. Anxiety is not a friend of sexual feelings. When cannabis is used in the long term, it can increase anxiety; this could be the thought behind why some chronic users complain of low libido.

Now let’s get back to a positive side and mention that some daily users claim to have 20% more sex than non- users. I wonder who is keeping notes, hmm?

Marijuana and sex, which strain should I pick

To have cannabis work for your pleasure ladies, make sure that you are using the strain that will help you to arrive at the destination that you wish.

Here are a few stands I can recommend for you:

Just plain delicious, the Ultimate Trainwreck strain. A sweet- smelling roasted honey haze is floating all around you as you inhale this sativa potent strain. You will enjoy the mellow, relaxing way your muscles feel, total relaxation, no inhibitions.


Indica dominant, Bubblegum Kush, is a great strain for passionate lovemaking sessions. It won’t be an all niter, but it will be passionate and be a prelude to a snuggle bug night, ya, know what I mean girls?

Now that we have spoken about the strains of cannabis that will enhance the libido, we must also mention some wonderful libido enhancing products available.

Products for your enjoyment

Let’s start with some edibles that are there for your sexual cannabis enjoyment. I suggest you choose an edible infused with the strains that I mentioned. Try to infuse them in a chocolate-based special treat. Just remember that these treats do take time to kick in when they do however enjoyment is on the horizon, and for a few hours.

If you prefer to consume your aphrodisiac in the liquid form, try a nice cup of your special strain of cannabis tea. Delicious before retiring to the bedroom.

Side effects of weed sexually

Well nothing like saving the best: let's talk about the lubricants that are available for your pleasure. Let us look at some of the topicals or sensual oils available. Some topicals are applied inside the vagina. The THC in the lube or topical if you prefer is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the vagina. You should not feel high. However, you will experience relaxed lower body feelings from the increase blood flow to every part of the vagina (let's smile ladies).

Cannabis will help you lose those inhibitions that you have felt when engaging in a romantic liaison.  Not to forget about ladies that are post-menopausal. The herb will help with the pain that can be associated with postmenopausal sexual encounters. You will shake off those inhibitions. Relax those nerves, welcome those explosive climatic feelings. Smile and allow yourself to enjoy that explosive cannabis induced libido feelings — those that are racing inside the woman that you are.



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