Why you shouldn’t smoke around your pets

Published Mar 1, 2019 02:30 p.m. ET

This is for anyone who uses the herb and has ever wondered “is marijuana bad for cats” or “can cats get high from second hand smoke”? The different methods of consuming marijuana, be it inhaling secondhand smoke or ingesting the edibles on the coffee table can be harmful to your pet. Some cats have been caught chewing on the cannabis plant leaves. Don’t let your cat fool you, marijuana and catnip are not the same. Catnip comes from the mint plant family. However, your favorite marijuana strain comes from the cannabis sativa plant. The chemical in marijuana that causes an altered state of mind (THC) is not good for your cat.

It is somewhat questionable if the plant is of any benefit to your cat. No one should be blowing smoke for the cat to inhale. Do not smoke around your cat. The accumulative effect that smoke has when inhaling, to our lungs is inadvisable. This is important to remember especially if your cat has respiratory issues like asthma or any other upper respiratory disease.

If your cat is exhibiting any of these symptoms, they probably have been into the herb:

• Your cat is experiencing more than normal sleepiness
• You may notice that the cat is over excited, jumping up the wall, running around in circles
• Check the cats’ eyes, their pupils will be dilated
• The cats blood pressure could be on the low side

Some of the most common observed signs include being uncoordinated, the cat may be falling while attempting to walk. The cat may vomit.

A hemp-based treatment that is high in CBD can help your cat in pain management for arthritis. This painful disease affects the cat’s joints and limits the cat’s movements.

Cannabis and Pets


Getting animals high on weed is unacceptable and could be dangerous. Marijuana smoke and dogs do not mix. It’s alright if your dog walks past you going to another area. Small areas in small amount will not get your dog high.

Your dog has sensitive lungs and smoke of any kind can damage them. Smoking around the dog in a poor vented area could cause damage to the dog’s lungs. Be mindful that their respiratory system can be compromised and remove them from the room.

Dogs concentration of cannabinoids receptors are larger than humans. These receptors are partially responsible for memory, the sensation of pain and the appetite. This makes them more susceptible to the effects of cannabis than humans.  

If any of your pets are experiencing seizures or any of the symptoms that I have mentioned, do not wait in getting your pet to the veterinarian. While most dogs do recover, it’s not impossible for a pet to become comatose after ingesting marijuana. This can lead to pneumonia and the animal passing away.

Being responsible with your marijuana will help to ensure that this does not happen to one of your pets. Never leave edibles within a pet’s reach and ensure that your marijuana is safely stored out of any pet’s curious reach.


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