Why people are relying on CBD products now more than ever before

Published May 30, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Products like CBD isolate, edibles, and vape juice are flying off the shelves no matter where you look, and this is a trend that took off long before now, but the incredible increase in demand that we’ve seen over this past six months has been amazing. Even with the added challenges of COVID-19 and mass shutdowns, sales of CBD products have shot through the roof, and there are a few different reasons for this impressive shift in such a short time.

1. Knowledge

Now that hemp is legal in Canada and the United States, people, in general, are a whole lot more willing to talk about it. This sharing of information on a mass scale has led to a ripple effect as consumers everywhere learn the potential benefits that can come from consuming both activated cannabinoids and raw juices from the cannabis or hemp plant. With knowledge comes a different level of comfort and a willingness to try something brand new, which is one of the major driving factors behind the current trends with CBD.

2. A change in legal status

It’s one thing to not entirely understand something for trying it, but a fear of legal repercussions is all that stood in the way for many interested consumers. You don’t have to talk about or know about cannabis or hemp to use it, but simply avoiding the subject is not enough to evade the repercussions of getting caught enjoying an illicit substance. For many people, trying CBD could risk their job, and that is a cost that many are not willing to pay in exchange for the benefits.

However, now that it’s legal, it is sold on nearly every street corner, and in some cases, you can even find CBD boutiques that specialize in things like CBD oil with THC or high-quality products such as CBD isolate. The change in legal status has removed the risk that was once associated with the highly sought after goods, which is why this fact alone has led to an increase in CBD product sales.

3. Circumstances

This past half of a year has not been kind to many of us. Large portions of the population right around the globe are out of work and without a plan that they can look forward to in the future. Many people take CBD for stress, as it helps to alleviate some of the overwhelming sensations that go along with dealing with far too much of it, so it is relatively safe to assume that the conditions of the economy and the current state of the world on a global scale has led to an increase in CBD use.


4. A fading stigma

Exposure alone is often enough to clear the air around any one topic, and that seems to hold true for CBD products as their stigma has dissipated faster than most experts could ever have imagined, all it takes is a few more people who’ve used it. Then they tell their friends, and they talk to their friends, and it continues down the chain creating a ripple effect that seems to be working.

When people aren’t looking at you in an odd or peculiar way for doing something, you’ll likely be much less afraid of the idea of doing it, so this is most definitely an important factor in why so many people have started to use CBD products. No one wants to feel like they have to hide something, especially when it’s in regard to their health treatments, so this comfortability goes a long way towards increasing demand.

5. Approval from scientific experts

Health experts of all kinds have advocated for the use of CBD products, in particular, CBD oil with THC, as they’ve known for a long time that it can help a variety of patients much more safely than pharmaceutical alternatives. Well, it seems like the number of trusted individuals who are speaking up is enough to encourage a public trust for the industry, and a little faith in what these products can do for our health, which definitely drives up demand for these incredible products.

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