Why does weed make your eyes red?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:16 p.m. ET

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you smoke marijuana or do it in some other fashion, your eyes become bloodshot and dry. The white part of the eye or the sclera is what gets red when you smoke. The smoke is not really the culprit for the change to your eyes; it is the THC. THC dilates the blood vessels and capillaries decreasing the blood pressure. This could be the reason for marijuana being helpful in the treatment of glaucoma, a devastating eye disease that can lead to blindness if not dealt with. Although it will not cure the eye condition, it will help in decreasing the  symptoms, one of which is increased pressure behind the eye. Cannabis or the THC in cannabis decreases the pressure behind the eyes.

One could say that red eyes from cannabis are an indication that the herb is assisting with decreasing the eye pressure necessary for treating the disease. The red high eyes may last an hour or so. Over the counter eye drops from the pharmacy can aid with getting rid of these demon eyes. If you like coffee, that’s another way to rid the eyes of the redness. Coffee constricts your blood vessels thus reverting eyes back to normal. Dark chocolate will do the same, it will also be beneficial when the munchies kick in.

If you choose a strain of marijuana with a lower THC content, you will save yourself the drawback of the red eye look.  

You may like to use a natural  remedy to remove the weed eyes look, here are a few suggestions. You can try the old ice pack trick. It might work just don’t leave the ice pack on too long the coldness could damage the delicate skin around the eyes. Rosewater has also been proven as beneficial for helping with the red eye look. You could try using cucumber slices, place them on your closed eyelids, I suggest leaving them on your eyelids for 20 mins to 30 mins. Take this time to stretch out and relax. This method is very relaxing as well as being refreshing for the face. There are many red-eye drop remedies that you can purchase from your pharmacy. As a last resort, I guess you can use the old sunglasses trick.


Do edibles make your eyes red?

Now we know that it is not the act of smoking that is causing the red eye look it is the THC. Understand that any way of ingesting THC could have the same result. To take it a step further one could  say that when we ingest THC in edibles, the amount of THC is usually more powerful in the edible than in the joint, thereby explaining the red-eye phenomenon. Your red eyes can last much longer when you have eaten or ingested your THC by liquid or food, rather than smoking.It is interesting to note that you may not be allergic to the actual cannabis plant but the pollen from the actual marijuana plant.



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