Why do I cough when I smoke weed?

Published Mar 4, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET

 A chronic cough accompanied by the increase of phlegm, and wheezing, happens to a quarter of marijuana smokers. When smoking has stopped so do those irritating symptoms. The problem could be more serious if the incident occurs with a shortness of breath.

It appears that there is no permanent long-term damage to the lungs after a chronic smoker quits. This is only relevant if tobacco is not being used simultaneously. Perhaps you could consider quitting your cannabis smoking. That is quitting the method you are using to consume your cannabis. Maybe you could try vaping or trying edibles. The effects take a little longer to be felt but a bonus is that the effects are felt for a longer time.

Perhaps you need to take smaller hits. The lungs can only hold so much smoke before you get the weed smokers cough. Just take mini puffs, you will still experience the high you are looking for. The achievement will be a little milder smoke and more enjoyable by doing this.

There is no need to hold that smoke for an eternity in your lungs. You will not achieve a bigger high. However, you could be damaging your lungs and allowing the tar to irritate your lungs.

But let us start at the beginning and make sure our weed is ground properly. This is an important step and will help in achieving a smooth enjoyable smoke. Weed that is grinded properly will allow the flame to ignite evenly. Doing this will ensure a consistent airflow when you are inhaling your joint.

If you are wondering how to stop yourself from coughing while smoking weed, try to draw the smoke into your mouth first. Now inhale a breath of fresh air. You should be enjoying a smooth hit. This is the technique of how to not cough when smoking weed.

If you have inhaled a large amount of harsh cannabis and have a weed-smokers cough you may decide to try vaping. Inhaling hot water vape is healthier than smoking. It will also produce a more potent hit.

You may need to rest that sore throat. Perhaps you could try this for a weed cough cure. Make sure that you stay hydrated. Drink fluids preferably water. The chewing of gum or cold throat lozenges are great as a weed cough cure as well.

If your throat persists in being sore perhaps you can gargle with a bit of warm salt water. The spacing of your hits will need to be looked at. Stretch out your hits and keep hydrated in between.

If you have a terrible sore scratchy throat from smoking your cannabis, you may prefer to use edibles. This form of consumption will take longer to take effect. You will have an enjoyable experience with the edibles if you go slow and steady when consuming. Wait for the effect for an hour before ingesting more of the edible.

Smoking and coughing or choking on weed is not a good combination try changing your strain and go easy. Indulge responsibly and enjoy!


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