Why CBD oil doesn’t work for sleep

Published Sep 18, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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CBD, the active ingredient in the marijuana plant does not have psychoactive effects. CBD is also one of the most talked-about and utilized compounds in marijuana. The different types of weed strains can have a significant influence on the results that are produced from the CBD oil that you use.

Different strains of marijuana are known to produce a different outcome when ingested which is why it doesn’t matter if you use an Indica vs Sativa strain there will always be a different outcome, and the type of weed isn’t what matters.

What is LAS?

Lack of sleep is a disorder that many people suffer from, and the reasons behind this terrible affliction are numerous, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation

Marijuana terpenes

The different types of weed and the terpenes that they produce can affect the kind of sleep that you get. Without using controlled studies, it is somewhat difficult to determine if CBD alone, actually can help you to obtain a good night’s sleep. However, using cannabis strains high in the terpene myrcene have been proven to have a sedating effect in animals. The lack of controlled human studies prevents the responses from humans from being recorded. Hops which have been used for centuries to help as a sleep aid, interestingly also include myrcene in their make-up.

Is Myrcene more effective than CBD?

So, when a person uses certain types of weed, as a sleep aid, and that weed contains myrcene, a question arises. Is it CBD from the cannabis, myrcene, or a combination of both that solved the issue? It is interesting, however, to note that most of the people using CBD oil for a sleep remedy are using a CBD pure concentrate, and this type of CBD product contains little or no myrcene.

The experience of Dr. Sulak

Dr. Dustin Sulak DO who uses medical cannabis in his treatment for numerous ailments sheds a bit of a different light on the use of CBD oil as a sleeping aid. He highlights in his studies that CBD may help in the reduction of anxiety which is a side effect of insomnia.

Indica vs Sativa


Should I use a Sativa or an Indica strain for helping me to sleep is a common question asked by several consumers looking for a remedy for their sleep pattern, and, the answer may surprise you. To achieve a good-restful, night’s sleep, it is essential to lean towards the Indica strain. Indica promotes a calming and relaxed state for the body and mind, which is the Zen that you want to achieve for a good night’s rest.

However, if anxiety is an issue with you, remember to stay away from strains that have high THC content, because, for some consumers, high levels of THC may trigger anxiety. That, of course, is not conducive to obtaining a restful night’s sleep.


Should you be using CBD vs THC for a restful sleep? The answer can depend on what this issue is that is preventing you from achieving a good night’s sleep. CBD produces no psychoactive effects, and the relaxation and calming effects of cannabis are still presented with CBD use alone. However, if you like to experience a euphoric sensation while preparing for a comfortable night’s rest, you may choose a strain with THC.

Marijuana strains to help with sleep problems

  • God’s Gift can turn off those racing thoughts that prevent you from resting. Anxiety is decreased, and stress is no longer an issue. You will reap the benefits of drifting off into a calm sleep wakening refreshed.

  • Northern Lights has been around for a couple of decades but keeps producing sleep-inducing tendencies. For suffers of pain and discomfort, this strain will do the trick in helping to reduce those symptoms. This strain will have you peacefully rocking off to sleep in no time.

  • King Luis XIII has a legacy of being a famous Indica that will give you a full night’s rest-full sleep. You will awake feeling more refreshed and ready to face what the day has to offer you.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question of whether or not CBD is a reliable tool that can help you to ensure a good night’s sleep may remain unanswerable. More tests and controlled studies for the specific benefits of CBD are needed, though it is highly suspected that an all-natural remedy for insomnia is included in those benefits.

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