When quitting cannabis becomes the best choice

Published Aug 25, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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We’re as serious as it gets when it comes to advocating for all of the incredible things this plant can do, but we also understand that it’s not always the best choice for consumers. Yes, there’s a wide range of benefits that are free for the taking, however, there can also be a darker side for some individuals, and that’s what we’re here to shine a light on today. Cannabis might not always be the best solution, and this list of potential side effects is proof of that.

Panic & fear

Have you noticed that each time you use cannabis, it sends your emotions for a spin? Some might experience full-blown anxiety attacks, while others linger in fear of what comes next. This is a common side effect of THC particularly for novice users, and if this feeling doesn’t ever go away, no matter what strains or products you try, then it might be a good idea to avoid cannabis entirely.


Most people feel incredibly relaxed with help from cannabis, while a few reports side effects like itchiness or irritation, both of which can be overwhelming sensations when they refuse to go away. If you’ve tried lowering your dose, other methods, and new strains to no avail, then it might be time to consider quitting cannabis because you’re really not getting what are supposed to be the perks of the experience.

Dizziness, nausea, & vomiting

Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting are symptoms that many new consumers encounter, but if you’re feeling this way every time you get high, then it’s probably best to avoid cannabis. Of course, in some cases, adjusting dose or upping CBD intake can quell these issues, that’s not always the case. So, if cannabis gives you the spins, or upsets your stomach, then it might just be worth giving it all up.

Medication interference

Medical consumers were the very first ones to get access to cannabis products, and in many cases, they can make a world of positive difference in a person's life, but it doesn’t always work in conjunction with prescription medications. In fact, there are many medicines that may be adversely impacted by cannabinoids, which is why it’s so important to seek a physician's guidance if you’re taking any kind of pharmaceutical regularly.

Budget constraints

Cannabis is great for both recreational and medicinal consumers, but it’s hard to deny the cost of partaking, which can be quite high for many people. If you cannot afford it or find that you’re sacrificing other necessities in life to get it, then it might be a good time to quit, at least for a little while. In this case, growing might be a good solution, but of course, that’s not always a viable option for everyone.


Sleep extremes

Sleep extremes is a term that is used to describe any type of sleep disturbances that lead to a bad night's rest, including but not limited to sleeping for too long or constant sleep disruptions, both of which may be helped or exacerbated by cannabis. There are some things you can do to avoid this unfortunate situation, but none of them are guaranteed to work. So, if you’re having trouble with sleep, it could be the right time to quit.

Symptoms of CHS

We’ve touched on mild cases of nausea, vomiting or upset stomach, all of which could negatively impact someone’s day-to-day life. However, symptoms of CHS are much more severe and in many cases, even life-threatening. Recovering from a CHS-triggered bout of all these sensations can take days, weeks or even months, and as soon as you light up again, you risk all of the trauma repeating. Even without an official diagnosis, if this sounds like you, then quitting cannabis could be the only way out.

When it’s adversely impacting your life

You’ll notice a common theme amongst the examples we’ve given today, and it is that these feelings, symptoms, and side effects all have a negative impact on an individual's quality of life. Cannabis generally leaves us in higher spirits, but that’s not always the case, and if you feel that your use is taking you down a path that isn’t therapeutic or healing, then it might be time to consider other options because cannabis isn’t working.

How to quit cannabis

Quitting cannabis can be a difficult journey, and if you’ve decided to take up the task, then it can help to have some tips and tricks to get you through it. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to quit cannabis, which is full of information that might make it easier to succeed.

Clean living with CHS


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