Weed and the brain

Published Feb 28, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET

The cannabinoids in cannabis act on the receptors in our brain. These receptors affect our pleasure concentration, memory coordination, and appetite. Our naturally occurring cannabinoids in our brain, the endocannabinoids, act on the same receptors. One of the primary active chemicals in cannabis, THC is responsible for psychoactive effects, relaxation, pleasure, and euphoria. Sometimes it can evoke feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

What effect does weed have on your brain?

• It can disrupt the reward circuity, making the use of cannabis more desirable
• Your ability to regulate emotions may be impaired
• Memory may be impaired
• The risk of psychosis may be increased
• Could experience an increase in neural noise

The effects on the brain need not be negative. These are just some of the effects that the use of marijuana can have on the brain.

The short-term memory effect from cannabis is well documented, however when long-term use is discussed the results are not so clear.

Marijuana and brain damage

THC and CBD could be beneficial in and how weed protects your brain cells and assisting in the protection after the initial physical injury to the brain. The majority of injury and the long-term effects occur during the recovery time. This is when THC and CBD can be most beneficial. THC and CBD can protect against the 3 general mechanisms that occur post trauma.

• Heightened excitatory brain chemicals. The injury releases massive amounts of Glutamate. Too much can kill brain cells.
• Increase in free radicals causes damage to the brain cells by damaging your DNA.
• Brain inflammation increased this can cause permanent changes in how the brain cells communicate with each other. Brain inflammation is known to contribute to Alzheimer’s.


How cannabis alleviates stress

The amount of cannabis used, the dose, and the strain all play a part in the alleviation of stress. Here are some strains that are worth trying.

Island Sweet Skunk: for an energetic hybrid with a sweet flavor this strain will do you fine. It’s a profile of 80% Sativa make it an uplifting choice. The 19% THC level will have you giggling for hours and forgetting whatever was stressing you out.

Jean-Guy: look out for this one. Stress be gone, welcome the uplifting energizing effects. You will feel that there are no worries in the world when consuming this strain. Very high in THC, if your anxiety is extremely high I suggest you stay away from this one.

Barbara Bud: highly recommended for anxiety sufferers or those that have paranoia episodes. Great for newcomers and those that have a lower THC tolerance.

These are just a few Canadian strains that will show you how cannabis alleviates stress.

Your method of consumption will play a big part in how fast you will feel the benefits of weed. Edibles take longer and require more responsibility in using for medical conditions that can affect the brain. Use your cannabis responsibly, remember no driving while intoxicated. Stay home, fill that vape with a delicious Canadian strain of the best marijuana you can afford and enjoy!



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