Vape flavours have Health Canada approval, but will they last?

Published Jan 11, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Vaping has become very popular in recent times, but as of the last year or so, we have heard about all kinds of different health risks that it may cause. Vape flavours have not had the proper testing to know 100% that they are safe.

These products didn’t exist until recent years, and they are not a product that was created by Health Canada. So, as Health Canada works to figure out what to do about vaping, they have put forth a whole list of rules and regulations, such as you need to be 18 to purchase any vape products.

These regulations come after much concern for the health and safety factors that go along with vaping. The packaging needs not to be appealing to youth. Also, vaping is restricted just like any tobacco product, so restaurants bar shopping centers and so forth, and that is whether they contain nicotine or not. All vape products must meet the guidelines set by Health Canada & the FDA.

Vape pens originally were thought to help with the desperate journey of quitting smoking. In the very beginning, many people claimed that vaping helped them stop smoking, and that’s awesome.

Vaping health risks

There are many different flavours available for vaping, but what kind of health risk is there when it comes to flavoured vapes. Well, there are fewer chemicals in vape juice. The two primary compounds in vape are polypropylene glycerol and vegetable glycerin. Both of these products are being used in numerous very safe products, but inhalation has not been tested /researched in full form to know what the entire risk is when it comes to vaping. So we are making a little list with some of the health issues that a believed to be caused by vaping.

  • Popcorn lung
  • Second-hand vapour
  • Device malfunctions
  • May harm a fetus during pregnancy
  • May cause other respiratory illness

From the list above, it is very obvious that there has not been enough research done when it comes to vaping. There is always a risk in almost everything we do. Nova Scotia has put a bane on vaping just recently . and other provinces and countries are talking about doing the same .so there is very much concern whether the risk outweighs the pleasure.there has also been claims of a vaping death. That is a terrifying thought with everything that has been in the news in regards to vaping. Many are wondering if the vape will be banned altogether.

Health Canada & FDA

Health Canada is doing everything they can, and now that there are regulations that the FDA requires before they can be sold, so as far as the risk of vaping, there most definitely seems to be many people and health care professionals that believe there is. If you are of age and you choose to vape, there is nothing anyone can say at this point. If Ontario decides to follow Nova Scotia, then we may also find vaping baned.

Remember that anything we choose to inhale does pose some risk. Being mindful of how something makes you feel is an excellent way to do a little health check, Are you wheezing since taking up vaping do you find yourself out of breath more than usual those are all essential things to pay attention to when it comes to your health.

Health Canada approves the release of cannabis vaping products


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