Using cannabis to recharge your body

Published Jan 18, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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Is the everyday hustle and bustle leaving you feeling depleted? In a face paced world, being busy all of the time is something we applaud, and between working 40-60 hours each week, eating on the go, and having the bare minimum in terms of breaks for destressing and a little fun, it’s not exactly unusual to feel tired, but it’s also not a healthy state to remain in.

If you’re one of many feeling exhausted all of the time, it's good to find new ways to recharge, and these suggestions could help by energizing your body with the aid of cannabis.

How to use cannabis to recharge physically

At times, it’s easier to give the body what it wants than it is to calm the mind, and living in a neverending state of tiredness can be hard on the body. Luckily, these activities might help!

1. Take a hot bath with cannabinoids

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, and some people like to boost its healing properties with a little Epsom salt, which is believed to improve muscle function, reduce inflammation, and remove toxins, but if you’ve never enjoyed the pure benefits of cannabinoids in the tub, then now is the perfect time to try it out! All you need is a single THC or CBD bath bomb. Simply toss it into the water and you’ll be good to go in no time.

2. Exfoliate with cannabis

Cannabis-infused exfoliating scrubs can deliver all sorts of wonderful benefits, from improving blood circulation to decreasing stress and inflammation, which in turn may help to reduce stress levels. Be sure to find a brand that uses natural ingredients and fragrances for the gentlest, most refreshing cleanse you’ve ever experienced.

3. Terpene aromatherapy

Aromatherapy provides all-natural benefits for the body, as it can help to relax or even motivate those who utilize the right scents. Cannabis terpenes not only smell amazing, but also contain many of the same terpenes found in essential oils like citrus, which is great for improving energy levels, and lavender or sage, both believed to be soothing and healing for the body and mind.

4. Sleep more soundly with help from the right strains

There are uplifting strains, and those that are best for sedation, and the latter are the ideal choice when you’re looking to get a better night's sleep. THC specifically, is proven to relax, and help to keep consumers in a more solid state of sleep, though some also have great luck with CBD strains, despite the fact they’re known for being more invigorating. Smoke a joint, pack a bowl, rip a dab, vape, swallow a capsule, or enjoy an edible or two shortly before drifting off to sleep if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.

5. Exercise

Cannabis and exercise aren’t too often believed to be a good combination, but you might be surprised by how good it feels to go for a jog, or workout at the gym and follow up with the soothing effects of cannabinoids, which can both boost energy, and decrease inflammation. Alternatively, some athletes find using cannabis before exercise or stretching to be beneficial, so it’s important to play around until you find something that works.


Oftentimes all it takes is a few small tweaks to your daily routine to feel a whole lot better, but if you’ve tried these suggestions and are not seeing improvement, then it might be time to seek the guidance of a medical professional.

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