Does CBD oil help you sleep?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:43 p.m. ET

 Sleep disorders come in many forms, like sleep apnea, REM sleep disorder, and insomnia to name a few. These sleep disorders can affect up to 40% of Canadians. Sleeplessness can affect your energy, weight, stress levels, and daily performance. CBD can assist in all stages of sleep, like the speed of falling asleep, length of sleep and REM cycles.

CBD for insomnia

Opposite to what some believe, it is THC that assists in making us drowsy. THC acts on the receptor responsible for sleep regulation. Then the CBD does its work; it relaxes us, eases our anxiety. This is the precursor to having a good full night sleep. I'm sure that when you have had a terrible night’s sleep, it seems that nothing goes right the next day. The day lasts forever; you have no energy, you’re not your usual chipper self. When our healthy sleep patterns are disturbed, it influences all our daily routines.

Cannabidiol and sleep disorders

Let's discuss how CBD can help with these conditions. CBD is known help in relaxation as well as its many other attributes. Low doses increase relaxation, decrease pain and anxiety, which can contribute to your insomnia. Higher doses have proven to induce drowsiness.

CBD aids in raising the melatonin in our system which signals the body to sleep.

CBD does not have psychoactive qualities.

When trying CBD for help with your sleep disorders, you will have to remember to take them at the right time for your body to process them. This could be up to an hour before you wish to retire. Obviously,everyone's dose could be different. I suggest trying a small amount and increasing the dose as you seem necessary till you reach the level of help you need.

Does CBD help you sleep?


There are a few different forms of taking CBD to assist with sleeping.

Your oil drops are taken sublingually (through the tongue), they start at 5 mg in strength. This form of administration seems to take about 30 minutes to start to be effective.

If you feel more comfortable taking a pill, they usually start at 25 mg some find these works faster than the oil drops. This could be due to it having the highest milligrams to start.

Another form of administering CBD can be the syrup method. I suggest you swirl it around in your mouth before swallowing. This will aid in the absorption process. Usual dosing is 15 mg.

If you choose your bedtime snack to be your way of ingesting, you might select one of these ways. Your bedtime snack can come in many forms of CBD infused  edibles. A prevalent form is a gummy bear. These usually start at 30 mg. Or perhaps a delicious CBD infused cookie with a glass of milk.  

Let's address those that do not want to take CBD in an oral form. Vaping oil is another way to accomplish this.  Choose your favorite vaping method. This method has been reported as being the fastest way of feeling the effects.

Ultimately the best strain for your insomnia will have to be found by trial and error.  If CBD oil on its own isn’t working, you could try researching the different combinations of CBD and other products that claim to aid you in having a great night’s sleep. That way you can find out for yourself what works for you.



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