The facts about CBD lozenges

Published Nov 5, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Most people including those who haven't tried it know all about flower, and the majority are also familiar with more popular recreational options like edibles, beverages, tinctures, and oils, but there are still quite a few new cannabinoid-infused creations that haven't quite made it mainstream yet, and one of them is CBD lozenges. Here, we’re going to provide an official introduction to these powerful little tools, along with 5 reasons why you should check them out for yourself!

What are they?

CBD lozenges are designed just like the regular variety to soothe some of the most annoying effects of a cold or flu, runny nose, inflammation, and sore throats. These medicated tablets slowly dissolve and lubricate irritated areas, calming coughs and breaking up phlegm. If you think of Halls or Vicks brands, what they offer is the same thing you can expect, only these kinds are infused with two active ingredients, with one of them being CBD, generally derived from hemp or cannabis.

Now that you know what they are, it’s time to shift the focus towards some of the reasons why these are some of the best lozenges on the market today.

1. They taste great

CBD lozenges usually taste just like you’d expect from a cough drop, and with so many flavours to choose from, you’re bound to find one that you can enjoy as it takes away the discomfort. Whether berry is your thing or a cold, sharp mint is more your style, you can find that and more in CBD lozenges.

2. They’re just as if not more effective than traditional varieties

An average throat lozenge will contain some type of active ingredient which is responsible for delivering some much-needed relief. They may include benzocaine, eucalyptus oil, zinc gluconate glycine, or pectin, as they work to treat some of the most common symptoms of cold or flu, and that’s why they work, but CBD lozenges take this a step further by inserting an additional powerhouse, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD, which can alleviate inflammation, improve mood, stimulate appetite and more, all things that are difficult to manage when you’re sick.

3. They won’t get you stoned

Some people are afraid to try any cannabis or hemp products in fear that what lies within might get them stoned, and for someone who never had that experience or enjoyed it, that can be a terrifying prospect, but you can rest assured that if you buy them from trusted vendors with clear labels, they’re not going to get you high. In fact, you may notice little to no difference at all in how CBD lozenges make you feel compared to regular ones, as it works its magic in silence as a non-psychoactive compound.

4. Low doses means few limits

Generally, it’s recommended that consumers pay close attention to the number of edibles they consume, and technically these tablets are ingestible, but they don’t tend to include a whole lot of the cannabinoids because it is expected that you’re likely going to need more than one or two over the course of a day. Since they don’t dose high, there is little to no reason to limit the number you take, which is good, because this way you can use as many as you need while focusing on getting better instead of counting doses.

5. They’re discreet

Not everyone is comfortable with the world knowing they like to use cannabis compounds in day-to-day life, and CBD lozenges will do nothing to jeopardize your secret because they look just like any other kind at first glance. If you want to be really convincing, you could even buy a tin for regular lozenges and then fill it with the CBD variety. That way, even if someone somehow gets too close to the pack, they’ll never ever know, so you can seek relief in peace.

Cannabis for colds is not a new idea, as things like tinctures and oils have long been used for this exact purpose, so we know they work. How effective the additional ingredient is, depends on the individual with some seeing a huge positive difference from CBD and others not noticing it quite as much. Either way, the potential for extra relief is more than worth it!

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