The best CBD oil for diabetes

Published Feb 7, 2019 04:57 p.m. ET

Some studies show that CBD oil works better at treating diabetic neuropathy than some medication, that CBD can relieve pain from neuropathy sufferers. CBD may increase levels of nerve growth factor.  There are studies that suggest CBD may prevent the beginning stages of diabetes. It is suggested that CBD can suppress or perhaps reverse the disease. There are no side-effects from using CBD for diabetes.

A few drops of CBD oil put under the tongue daily will provide positive benefits. The use of CBD oil for diabetes helps in the control of blood glucose levels.

The CBD oil dosage for diabetes is 25 mg taken twice a day. The increase of CBD should be taken in 25mg increments over three to four weeks as tolerated.

The route of administration for CBD and the treatment of diabetes can be taken in three forms:


• CBD tinctures, liquid hemp oil, and CBD drops
• CBD infused chewing gum
• Infused cannabinoid cooking oil
• CBD infused edibles, gummy bears, cookies or brownies


• CBD rich vape cartridges for you vape pen
• Wax
• Crystalline isolates


• Transdermal patches with CBD (is similar to using nicotine patches)
• Bath bomb infused with CBD
• Cannabidiol-infused balms, lotions, and salves

The best CBD oil for diabetes


Budderweeds offers some excellent quality CBD products for all ages and symptoms of diabetes.

• Raw CBD oil is pure and contains 82.5% CBD it will provide the full benefits of the synergetic properties. Raw CBD oil is edible can be used topically or can be smoked.
• CD vape pen, solvent-free and smoke-free. These pre-filled pens have .5 grams of full spectrum CBD oil. The pen contains no THC. These pens are a discreet way to get all the benefits of CBD oil for diabetes treatment.

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptor in the endocannabinoid system. Thismakes the CBD oil affect the body in giving general feelings of positive well-being.

It is possible that the use of CBD for diabetes and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may combat glucose metabolic disorders and metabolism overall may be improved. The increase studies of the use of CBD for the treatment of diabetes is a positive step for the advancement of the use of CBD especially for diabetes and their symptoms.

If you choose to vape your CBD oil here are some CBD vape oil that promise to address issues associated with diabetes:

  1. CBDfx Vape Juice made from high quality isolates available in 250mg 500mg and 1000mg of CBD

  2. Hemp Bombs provide great flavors are made with isolates and contain no THC. Some flavors are watermelon, vanilla and many more

  3. Hot Juice CBD is formulated with CBD isolate, great flavors to choose from.

  4. Koi CBD available in 50, 100,250 500 and 1000mg. This formulated CBD oil can be taken under the tongue or vaped. The natural CBD isolate process helps to eliminate the strong after-taste that can be experienced when ingesting CBD products.

Discussions with your health provider when adding to your daily medical regime is recommended.



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