The benefits of using a CBD dosage calculator

Published Dec 11, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET

Step 1: Your dosage information

A typical starting dose of CBD ranges from 5 - 15mg. For more information on dosage read: How to take CBD Oil - CBD dose guide.

Dose in milligrams (mg):

Step 2: Your product information

Total product volume (ml):

Usually 15 to 60 ml

Total CBD in product (mg):

Ranges from 250 - 2500 mg

Price of product ($):

For price / serve breakdown

Number of drops per ml:

Usually 20 drops / ml

Your dosage details:

Number of drops for desired dosage:  
CBD in each drop (mg):  
Amount of product for desired dosage (ml):  

Your product information

CBD concentration:  
Number of drops in the bottle:  
Number of servings per bottle:  
price per mg of CBD:  
price per drop:  
price per serving:  

Your good friend has suggested that you use cannabis because they have heard about the health benefits of CBD, and the research has indicated CBD will help to treat the chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety, which are all symptoms that you have been living with.

The problem that you are probably having is with the dosage calculations, which might include how much, how often, and what manner you should consume CBD. One also needs to consider a person’s body chemistry, physical condition, and body weight, which will have bearing on how much CBD you should be consuming for it to be effective.

There is so much info out there that it can become a bit confusing, and one of the best reasons for using a guide or CBD dosage calculator is to find the sweet spot, which is the correct dosage that addresses all your concerns.


What is a CBD dosage calculator?

A CBD dosage calculator is the perfect tool to help in converting the dosage of CBD, which is usually in milligrams to milliliters of drops or liquid. Using this method will help ease in understanding how to achieve the correct dosage.

There are some standard rules to follow and remember when we talk about CBD dosing including:

  1. When it comes to how much CBD is needed to provide the sweet spot or optimal dose, no two people are the same. Dosage to achieve the same effect can range from 1 milligram to 100 milligrams a day. This is where the adjustments to your dosage will occur; this will be the experimental stage.

  2. Getting the correct dose is imperative to achieving the success that CBD can provide. Taking too little or taking too much CBD is the number one mistake that people make when dosing without a CBD dosage calculator. Some people give up and declare that it does not work. The truth is if they had followed the process to help find the optimal dose, things would have worked out.

  3. Start low and go slow at increasing your dosage to find the desired optimal dose for yourself. CBD is not an instant miracle cure. Some people do not see the results weeks and possibly months.

A CBD dosage calculator is essential to find the optimal dose

If your dosing is too low, you will not benefit from the CBD, but when too much CBD is consumed, you may experience some undesirable side effects. These can include nausea, headaches, and a worsening of the symptoms you are looking to ease.

CBD dosage calculations will help in guiding you in determining the potency of the product you are using. You will need to divide the milligrams of CBD that are in the bottle or container by the amount of liquid or drops in milliliters.

CBD dosage calculators can advise you on the amount of CBD that you should be consuming; however, it does eventually come down to a personal choice. Many companies suggest starting at 10-25 milligrams of CBD. If you do happen to experience one of the unwanted side effects, don't worry, it is recommended that you begin the dosing system again, low and slow until you find the correct dose for you.

Keep in mind that tinctures vary in sizes along with the potency. Most tinctures usually come in 15mL to 30mL containers. Potency levels can range from 100mg to 5,000mg of CBD. It is also important to note that CBD can be used to treat several health concerns and conditions. A CBD dosage calculator is a necessary tool for achieving the desired results that CBD has proven to deliver for may living with restrictive health concerns.

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