Symptoms of a weed hangover

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:46 p.m. ET

 You might be thinking, if weed is used for treating nausea, why do I feel sick from smoking a joint? Why am I getting a headache after smoking weed? If you smoke too much weed, it can have negative effects. You might get some side effects of weed the next day occasionally, after use. Any extreme case of such a “weed hangover” is called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. It can evoke extreme nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. If this is occurring to you and you’re looking for a weed hangover cure, try taking a hot shower. It has been reported that this really helps with the nausea, if this condition continues, there is no other remedy besides quitting the use of weed. Sorry but that is all that will be helpful. Scientists are not sure why a hot shower helps, but it does. Read below to see more symptoms besides nausea and what you can do to remedy them.

Five symptoms of a weed hangover:

Headaches: Dehydration can cause headaches, as well as dry mouth and cotton mouth. These symptoms can all trigger just from doing hits of marijuana. If you have a headache after smoking weed then the remedy is simple, just avoid salty foods and drink lots of water when doing hits and after as well.

Brain fog: Long-term use of weed can mess up your short-term memory. Dehydration is often a culprit here. If you are staying up partying, that may be the culprit instead of the weed you’ve smoked. Drinking coffee might help to get some clarity. If this is not enough, trying to get out and exercise. You may feel more alert and invigorated.

Dehydration: The glands at the bottom of our mouth are responsible for making saliva. THC binds itself to these glands thus stopping the production of saliva. The solution to dry mouth? Simple, drink lots of water and eat water-filledfood.
Dry Eyes Weed induced dehydration will affect all parts of the body, even the eyes. To help with this try to stay away from fast food and arm yourself with eye drops to soothe those peepers.

Fatigue: Smoking marijuana can lead to restless poor sleep if though some of us take it to aid in sleep. The remedy is to drink caffeine, smoke with a little caution and at a last resort take a break from smoking for a day or two.

What can I do before toking to prevent hangovers?


These experiences can be unpleasant enough, though perhaps not as bad as having an alcohol hangover. Sad to say both carry similar symptoms though. Mild nausea, sore throat, and coughing can accompany a weed hangover. Most hangovers tend to occur more after eating or drinking cannabis-infused liquid or food, as the amount of the THC is higher in the edibles as compared to smoking or vaping. I suggest you do not overindulge,only do doses that you have handled before, in other words, know when to stop.

Does smoking weed cause dehydration?

Most people try drinking lots of water before, during, and after toking, this is an excellent method of preventing any nasty symptoms. Try to choose a strain that also has CBD; this will help balance out the effects of the THC. Remember that smoking weed along with other things like lack of drinking or being in a dry climate can also compound the dehydration from toking.

Among all of us who eat munchies, we all seem to get these at some time during our toking. Make sure you are choosing healthy snacks to help.

Some people wouldn’t call these effects a true “hangover,” rather just some minor negative symptoms. Whatever you want to call them, these tips given should help.

Remember to enjoy marijuana responsibly and enjoy!



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