Surviving a tolerance break 101

Published Feb 16, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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Tolerance breaks are no joke, and if you’ve never made it through one before or you happen to be a frequent consumer, it’s important to know that the process might not be easy. Just in case you’re entirely new to the idea, we’re going to start with an explanation of what this is, and then we’ll follow up with some incredible tips and tricks that’ll help to make the journey a little bit easier.

What is a tolerance break?

A tolerance break is something that cannabis enthusiasts can take in order to reset their tolerance to cannabinoids, which should increase the effectiveness of these products in the long term. It’s a whole lot of sacrifice now to harness the benefits for later, and many swear by the process and its effectiveness.

Why they are so hard to get through

Tolerance breaks take us away from the plant products we rely on to relax or medicate, which means that doing one is likely to have some adverse effects. Consumers may feel more irritable, have trouble with appetite, notice difficulty sleeping, or go through headaches. They might also experience strong cravings and mood swings, which can be incredibly difficult for the one impacted as well as those around them, like friends, family or children.

How to make the transition easier

It doesn’t sound like an overly appealing endeavour after reading the long list of possible side effects from doing so, but this is a short-term process and it’s important to know that it won’t last forever, and the results are more than worth the temporary discomfort. Of course, that’s harder to come to terms with when you’re in the throes of feeling not quite like yourself, and that’s why we've decided to compile a list of tips and tricks that can help to make it all so much easier!

Quitting cannabis is no easy task, but you can do it if you set your mind to it!

Human beings can do amazing things as long as we start with the right mindset and arm ourselves with the tools to make it happen. Here, we’re going to help you with the latter by listing five key tips for success.

1. Set a realistic goal

There is limited scientific evidence in terms of how long a tolerance break should be if you want it to be effective, but the most recommended time seems to be around 7 days. Some prefer quitting cannabis for just a few days, and others like to stretch it out for at least a month, which is why the length of time you choose should be a personal decision. Remember that it’s always possible to start again, so try not to feel too much pressure to commit to a long period of time if it’s not something you’re comfortable with.


2. Stay stress-free

You’re probably going to feel stressed out during this time, and even if you don’t, those overwhelming feelings can often trigger cravings, which might hinder your progress. Instead, plan ahead and do your best to stay in a stress-free environment where you can relax and pass this time in peace and quiet.

3. Try sleep aids

Vivid dreams and nightmares are often a side effect of quitting cannabis, and then there are those who struggle to fall asleep, which is why it’s not a bad idea to consider other sleep aids or activities that will tucker you out to make it easier to get a good night’s sleep.

4. Keep away from those you know who use cannabis

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to surround themselves with other like-minded individuals, which makes this hard, but for many, it’s an essential part of a successful tolerance break. It’s far too easy to fall back on old habits when you’re around cannabis, especially if it’s being smoked, so it’s best to avoid it entirely if you can.

5. Take care of yourself

Don’t forget to eat well, even if it’s just little healthy snacks as your stomach and appetite allow. Stay hydrated to ward off headaches, and just take care of yourself in general. This isn’t the easiest task, and you deserve something extra special for making it through this process, so treat yourself and be kind to your body because it will make a massive difference in the difficult road that lies ahead.

5 great reasons to take a tolerance break from cannabis


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