Survey reveals 9 out of 10 participants would recommend CBD for pets

Published Aug 4, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Now that we’ve uncovered so many awesome benefits of cannabinoids for humans, we want to bring what we’ve learned to the table if it could help man's best friend. It’s only natural to stick with what you trust, but it seems that there is still a lot of misinformation when it comes to the real benefits of CBD for pets, and it’s mainly due to a lack of facts and reliable sources to get them from.

The survey

The purpose of the study, which is available here, was to reveal the observations, thoughts, and opinions of people who chose to use CBD for pain as a treatment for their pets. Participants were asked a range of questions related to using CBD oil for cats or dogs, and they were provided with multiple choice answers to select from.

The results

It is important to note that millennials made up more than 50% of the study participants, with GenX following closely behind at 25%.

  1. Vets opinions on using CBD for pets
  • 35% of the study’s participants said that their vet approved of them
    using CBD for their pet, and a meager 11% said that their veterinarian advertised CBD products in any way, and 6% reported that their pet’s doctor was entirely against the idea of using CBD as a treatment.
  1. Who most often recommended CBD for pets?
  • Just over ½ of the pet owners in this study said that a friend or colleague recommended CBD to them, and only 24% received a formal recommendation from their veterinarian.
  1. Concerns about CBD for pets
  • 25% of pet owners were concerned about the effectiveness of CBD before they began using it, but 56% of them said that any worry went away shortly after starting a CBD treatment on their furry friend.

  • 61% of those questioned reported that they had concerns at the beginning about the safety of CBD for their pets before they tried it themselves, but once they did, 40% of them were no longer concerned about the risk.

  • To start, 20% of CBD users worried about whether or not CBD would end up being worth the financial investment, but after testing it out 60% were not as worried about that possibility, and 25% no longer thought about it at all.

    1. Effectiveness of CBD for pets
    • 63% of those questioned admitted to having used other medications before trying CBD for their pets, and a staggering 81% said that in the end, CBD was far more effective at managing symptoms.
    1. Who would recommend CBD for pets
    • Out of all of the participants, an incredible 9 out of 10 said that they’d recommend CBD for pets.

    In conclusion

    Whether you’re considering CBD oil for cats or looking at some CBD treats for dogs, there is no denying that there is plenty of potentials there to help our ailing pets. When you use CBD for pain, inflammation, or other common conditions that may impact your pet, as long as you avoid cannabis products with THC, you're likely to find that your pet's quality of life significantly improves after a short course of treatment. It’s entirely safe to try, and according to those who have used it, effective too, so don’t be afraid to explore this option for your pet, even if your vet won’t recommend it.

    Survey reveals interesting facts about CBD users


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