Smokeless cannabis products gain popularity due to COVID-19

Published Apr 14, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Now that it’s come to light that those who are most impacted by COVID-19 tend to have predisposed health conditions, people, in general, are making huge changes in their daily lives to stay healthier in hopes of avoiding the awful side effects that come with this diagnosis. Though there is absolutely no evidence to show that smoking cannabis increases your risk of contracting COVID-19, we do know that putting smoke of any sort into your lungs will cause damage over time, which would theoretically increase your chances of experiencing more dramatic side effects.

Who is making the switch?

Smokeless cannabis products became popular the moment they were legal options, as healthy living is a trend that has ruled over the last few years. A lot of people were making choices that would improve their health, and lengthen their lives, but this has exploded into something that everybody wants, now that we’re dealing with a respiratory condition that impacts breathing.

Why you might want to consider using smokeless cannabis products

COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory virus that spreads through droplets that can linger in the air, or on surfaces for several days longer than most common colds. We are taking steps to reduce the spread in hopes of keeping our already burdened healthcare system managed, which can ultimately save thousands of lives, but the reality is that a good chunk of the population is bound to catch it at some point.

For some people, the illness is silent and induces no obvious signs or symptoms,  but for others, this fast-spreading respiratory condition may cause more severe consequences, such as fever, vomiting, coughing, or difficulty breathing, and since it impacts the lungs most, the health of this vital organ is quickly becoming the most important thing in the world.

The most popular smokeless delivery methods

If you want to stay as healthy as you can, then you may want to consider an alternative method of delivery for your cannabis. This might at first seem like a daunting challenge, but once you become aware of the many choices there are out there, you will realize that one of these options may work for you. The best part about this list is that you can find everything through a marijuana delivery service. You’ll just need to know what to look for to start.

1. Capsules

THC and CBD capsules are available in a variety of different strengths to suit any need, and since they are taken orally, the effects of them will last much longer than smoking a bit of bud ever could. They are really easy to take, just like any other pill, including Advil or Tylenol, so you don’t need anything other than a sip of water on hand, and with a bottle of these, you’re good to go.

Those benefits are all wonderful, of course, but the best thing about capsules is that they hold up forever in storage and they come in sealed bottles that are easy to sanitize, which are important features when you need to stock up on enough to last as long as possible. Remember, due to current health scare you might want to disinfect everything upon arrival to ensure your personal safety.

2. THC oil

THC oil is another excellent option, as it’s easy to use, relatively affordable, and it’s much faster acting than other alternatives like edibles, but its effects are still a bit more delayed when compared to smoking. It causes no adverse effects on the lungs, as it’s taken orally by placing a small amount along the gum line, or under the tongue to be absorbed by the available blood vessels in those areas.


It is, however, important to remember that not all THC oil is enjoyable in this form, like BHO, and other alternatives that are meant to be smoked. So, if you do want to explore this option a little bit more, make sure that you opt for distillate or RSO because they come pre-activated, which is necessary to feel the effects without the addition of heat which is required in some cannabis oil products to activate the cannabinoids.

3. Edibles

Edibles are a truly great treat, with a couple of slight downsides. The first is that they are easy to overindulge in, as they can take up to 2 hours to fully kick in, leaving you wanting more until you’ve accidentally eaten yourself into an uncomfortable stupor. The second is that once you make it that far, and the effects are easily noticeable, they last up to 12 hours, which can lead to a prolonged uncomfortable experience.

The good news is that both potential downsides can be avoided with a few guidelines to go by, and as long as you start low and go slow, with a small dose of cannabinoids followed by a steady but slow increase over several days, while waiting at least 2 hours between each delicious treat, chances are pretty good that you will like the more intense body buzz, that leaves your mind free to wander for several hours. They are also super easy to make, so you don’t have to worry about going out to make a purchase.

4. Inhalers

Cannabis inhalers offer a perfectly measured dose of either THC, CBD, or a perfectly combined amount of both, and they are often preferred by those who can find them as an alternative to smoking because of how quickly the effects kick in. These pot products allow you to carry everything that you need in your pocket, which makes them easy to take on the go, and as far as we can tell, there are no adverse effects from inhalation in this manner.

They might not look quite as refined as a smooth burning blunt or bong, but they do offer a much healthier choice with all of the same benefits and none of the drawbacks, which is probably why they are quickly becoming one of the hottest cannabis products on the market today. The only disadvantage to cannabis inhalers is that they can be challenging to find, and some users report that the contents don’t last long, however, if you want to try them, then make sure to add a few to your next weed delivery order.

5. Vape juice

Vaping to some isn’t really a good or healthy alternative to smoking, but regardless of how you feel about the latest vaping epidemic, these problems were not caused by inhaling smoke or vapor, which is much different, as it consists of thousands of tiny water droplets that are inhaled through the lungs. They also come with the benefit of a fast response time, so the effects are nearly instant just like it is with smoking, but that also means that they wear off just as quickly.

If even after going over this list of alternatives, you still feel like smoking cannabis is the only way for you, that’s ok, as it can be hard to make these kinds of adjustments after several years of comfortability has been gained with buds alone. However, if you’re looking out for your health, then you might want to at least consider trying one or two, as you’ll never know for sure until you do.

Why you may want to trade your bong for edibles or other smokeless goods


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