Should you vape THC and drink caffeine

Published Jul 20, 2019 10:53 a.m. ET
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The psychoactive effects of THC and the energy boost of caffeine can make a good start of the day for many. Combining the impact of these two compounds could be just the start needed for the busy day ahead. Coffee and THC are almost like the horse and carriage; they go together and enhance each other.

This combination, although delicious, needs to be taken with caution. Studies are not yet complete on the effects that these two active compounds may have on the human body and mind.

Effects of caffeine and THC on the body

Caffeine is known to block the neurotransmitter receptor adenosine. When blocked, this compound will cause us to be more alert. Small amounts of THC are known to block the receptor, while large amounts do the opposite and increase the need for THC. This could be looked at as the more coffee consumed, it contributes more to the amount of cannabis that is used; this establishes a significant relationship between marijuana and coffee. Caffeine may increase the effects of vaping weed.

Recent studies show that caffeine can influence the same parts of the brain, the ECS (endocannabinoid system) that marijuana does.

THC liquid is a tincture or concentrated manner of consuming high levels of THC. It can be consumed in various methods. It is well noted that THC liquid does not contain CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient also found in marijuana. As such, THC is not a medicinal form of cannabis and is not used to treat health ailments, including inflammation or seizures.


Vaping weed is not a new phenomenon. Vaping cannabis originated with desktop vaporizers but quickly moved on to portable vape devices. A regular vape pen will not be suitable or capable of vaping weed. Today there are dry herb atomizers and dry herb vape pens, generally, though the standalone unit provides a better experience, the other methods do not involve the need to find a lighter which may be a bonus for some.

Vaping weed is a procedure that is easy to learn and may end up being the chosen method of consuming marijuana.


There are a few items needed to make sure that your vaping weed experience is enjoyed to the fullest, these are listed below:

• Vaporizer: choose between a standalone or a portable vape pen of which there are many choices
• Grinder: a necessary accessory for conductive vape and is generally needed for all convection vapes. This tool is a required part of any smoker’s arsenal.
• Accessories: Equipment should be kept clean. A brush and stir tool are usually included in your purchasing of a vaporizer. Don't forget to include pipe cleaners in your cleaning accessories, high strength isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs.

Before packing weed vape ensure the power is off and it’s not hot, otherwise you stand the chance of losing your vapor while packing your vaporizer and will also find it more comfortable and not producing a hot surface to touch.

How to vape

  1. Ensure your device is fully charged
  2. Grind your strain of weed
  3. Place the dry ground herb in the chamber
  4. Use tool to pack your herb evenly in the chamber
  5. Turn on the machine, select the temperature you desire
  6. You are now ready to inhale and reap the benefits of your cannabis

You may find that the experience of vaping takes a little time to get used to. Vaping may produce coughing as the vapor feels different in your lungs than smoking a joint does. With practice, you will find the correct temperature that suits your needs.

However, if you do decide to use your marijuana, whether by THC juice or vaping your dry weed, remember to be responsible and enjoy!

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