Male sexual dysfunction and marijuana

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:15 p.m. ET
Do you have the inability to keep, let alone get an erection? This common condition can lead to stress and relationship issues.

Marijuana can be associated with benefits to your sexual health wellness.

Erectile dysfunction and marijuana

The pros of using marijuana to address erectile dysfunction can include the reduction of damage caused by high cholesterol. This being a risk factor for those diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). On the positive side, the increase of sexual desire and arousal may be increased.

The cons for using marijuana to address erectile dysfunction are some people report that marijuana does not aid in the ED problem, but instead add to the problem. Some men have also reported that they have trouble when they are trying to achieve an orgasm.

Viagra and marijuana

THC, when it reaches the brain, induces a “high” feeling which tends to interfere with the normal body functions. This may also interfere with the smooth muscle of the penis and thus cause ED. The penis’s smooth muscle needs to relax which increases the blood flow and promotes the erection. Any interference like I said earlier would affect the penis from achieving the erection. The medical drug Viagra enhances the relaxation of the muscle and helps to prolong an erection that might not be happening otherwise.

Here are a couple of marijuana strains that may assist on the arousal side of a relationship.

Asian Fantasy: This strain will promote your energy; sexual energy becomes aroused when consuming this strain.

Sour Dream: This hybrid strain will induce the romantic giggles while providing a pungent odor.

Atomic Northern Lights: This strain is going to boost your sexual arousal stimuli. Your arousal will be hot.


Flo: This strain will help in your sociability skills. It will relax, you without you feeling too high.

Is marijuana an aphrodisiac?

The definition of an aphrodisiac being- a drink, food or something else that will stimulate your sexual desire.

Can you mix marijuana with aphrodisiacs? The effects that certain strains have on a person may aid in the relaxing and inhibitions of a person and therefore could be an aphrodisiac by raising their sexual desires. Indulging in marijuana, when it comes to sex, enhances the skin sensitivity, your motor senses are enhanced, and your sex organs are engorged.

The dose you take will affect the feelings that are experienced. Cannabis can affect issues regarding achieving orgasm and premature ejaculation.

Some couples find that the woman should keep smoking and enjoying the vibe. The male should stop about a half-hour before hitting the romantic boudoir. The dosage is very important for maintaining the positive outcome you hope to achieve. It is important to remember when using edibles for sexual dysfunction to eat a small amount, wait for the effects. Nothing worse than being in the mood everything is set, and the star does not show up for the grand finale. In some rare cases, overuse can lead to testosterone levels being lowered, and this may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Can you mix marijuana with viagra

Mixing Viagra and marijuana is not known to cause any lethal interactions. Some side-effects known to cannabis use are – dry mouth, sore throat and sometimes increased thirst, this effect can be present when the two are mixed.



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