Secondhand marijuana smoke and its effects on kids

Published Mar 24, 2019 01:33 p.m. ET

Secondhand tobacco smoke is dangerous around children. Secondhand marijuana smoke is equally as dangerous. Marijuana getting into the child’s system adds the risk of several symptoms.

Secondhand smoking will increase the risk of respiratory infections. The incidents of ear infections and asthma is increased in infants exposed to marijuana smoke.

Depending on how close to and how long the child is exposed to marijuana smoke is a factor in the amount that will be in their system. The amount of ventilation will be another factor in determining the effects of smoking weed around children.

We have all been educated about the dangers of smoking tobacco around children. This education seemed to work, the numbers of smokers who smoked around children went down. Smokers went outside to smoke. Some of them quit. The health of their child was more important than smoking a tobacco cigarette. Then came the legalization of marijuana. The numbers for people who smoked around children rose.

This news is not good. Smoking weed around babies could have long term effects on the developing brain. As the brain develops, marijuana may have permanent effects on IQ and memory. New moms who are smoking weed around babies are doubling up on the effects to the baby. The mother will be passing THC to their child via the breast milk.

An interesting note: The legality of marijuana for adults, does not include approval for pregnant or nursing women. In the state of Colorado, if the child is blood-tested, and any level of THC is noted, the physician would legally be obligated to contact child protective services.


The advice below applies to all smokers. It may be tobacco or marijuana either one is not good to do around children:

  1. Do not smoke in a car, garage or anywhere that the child will frequent. Smoke will linger in the air and on surfaces.
  2. Never smoke around children. Don’t start or continue it.
  3. If you are a smoker and need help to quit, seek advice from your health provider or physician.
  4. Change your clothes if you have been at a gathering where smoking occurred. Wash your hands and face. Smoke lingers on these surfaces also.
  5. Look for alternative methods to enjoy your marijuana other than smoking.

Perhaps, this is where edibles can come into the picture. We know that smoking is probably the most common method of consuming marijuana. As we become more educated, we know that there are lingering side-effects to our lungs from inhaling the smoke from a joint.

As the legalization of marijuana becomes global, edibles could be the safest method for parents to access their cannabis.

This method does, however, carry some modifications to the way they have been consuming their cannabis before they became a parent. The effects of smoking weed on children have promoted the use of edibles and other means of consuming marijuana. Ingesting cannabis produces a delayed onset, andthe effects will be longer in duration.

Well, parents it does not take a rocket scientist to realize the damage that you could be inflicting, when smoking weed around babies. Don’t do it, take a walk outside have an edible with a cup of tea, be responsible and enjoy.



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