Remedy for a sore throat from smoking weed

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:47 p.m. ET

Does smoking weed hurt your throat?

 Continuing to smoke when you already have a sore throat will only lead to further throat irritation, not a smart thing to do. Taking big hits and keeping cannabis in your mouth for too long brought this on. Taking one hit after another might be contributing to the irritation you are feeling.

You may wonder, “why is my throat burning after smoking”? There are a few factors involved. The first one that should be mentioned is the realization that you are inhaling hot smoke. Any kind of smoke, even marijuana smoke, is bad for your throat and lungs. Interestingly THC tends to slow down saliva secretion and production, drying out your throat.

That weed you smoked that was just a little moldy has now made your throat very irritated. The inhaling of mold spores can cause infection and cause a sore throat.

It is rare, but some people can be allergic to cannabis, producing symptoms that could be mild or very serious. A sore throat, red and scratchy feeling with problems swallowing are some of the symptoms to look out for.


Hopefully, your sore throat will only last till the next toke. If not, there are many things you can do to alleviate that sore throat.


There are some simple ways to aid healing. Drink plenty of water; water will flush out any viruses that might be lurking around. The water will help ease the dryness and itching that often goes along with a sore throat. Grab the salt shaker and put a healthy spoonful in a glass add warm water and gargle. Repeat this a few times an hour. I quite enjoy a nice cup of sweetened tea, try adding honey and lemon it just hits the spot and soothes the throat. Throat lozenges are a handy addition as well. Throw in a couple of medicated lozenges; these will help calm the burning in your throat.

If a sore throat from smoking marijuana is a problem, I think you should look at different ways to intake marijuana.

Of course, not to be forgotten are the edibles. This could include smoothies or some delicious sweetie. Edibles should be a precise dose, so you know how much cannabinoids are in the infused food that you are eating. Always remember to be patient when consuming the herb this way. Things take time to work this way. If you are not feeling some effects after 45 minutes take a second dose. Go slowly, and you will enjoy the ride.

Vaping is safer and less throat irritating than smoking. When you inhale the hot water vape, you are not subjecting your throat or lungs to potential toxins, or carcinogenics which can irate your throat. A big bonus is that each hit is more potent.

If you prefer to smoke weed, here is my last suggestion. Change your rolling papers, try changing the material they are produced from. Choosing either wood, pulp, hemp, or rice might just be what is needed to soothe your irritated throat.



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