Prostrate cancer and CBD’s role in assisting those living with this disease

Published May 28, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET
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No one can say with certainty that CBD is a prostate cancer eradicator. However, CBD has proven to be beneficial in the management of the symptoms of this disease.

The second most commonly diagnosed cancer among men is prostate cancer, just behind skin cancer. Almost 15% of the male population will be touched by this cancer in some form or the other. Following lung cancer, prostate cancer is the number two most fatal cancer among men. Almost 3% of diagnosed men will succumb to the disease.

Studies have shown that CBD properties can help people living with cancer to relieve some of the awful side-effects that come along with the different types of cancer and the treatment for such disease.

Some of the known symptoms that accompany prostate cancer and its treatments include:

• The decrease in appetite:
Nausea and loss of appetite are common side-effects. This can become an issue for patients to maintain a healthy weight. The addition of THC, along with other cannabinoids from the marijuana plant, may also play a role when combined with the compound CBD in assisting this issue.

• Pain relief:
The treatment associated with prostrate cancer or any other form of the disease can be painful. Inflammation is often reported by patients as a pressure felt on the internal organs or can be felt through the damaging of nerves.

CBD reacts on the CB2 receptors inflammation is reduced, lowering the amount of pain. THC works on the CB1 receptors and helps the pain from nerve damage to be controlled.

CBD oil benefits out-way smoking the herb. The extracts will not be exposing your body to the same carcinogens that are present through smoking.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids may inhibit some types of tumor cell growth. However, depending on the dose and strain of marijuana used, there is evidence of marijuana suppressing the immune system and encouraging tumors to grow.

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Can CBD products help in the treatment for this cancer?

Recent ongoing studies are looking towards CBD being a killer for prostate cancer cells. These studies are on-going and by no means are they unequivocally saying that CBD products can cure prostate cancer.

CBD oil, however, has properties to help in the control of pain while stimulating the appetite which are side-effects that are often present with the standard prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate cancer traditional treatments come with undesirable side-effects.

Depending on what stage the cancer is in will determine the type of treatment that will be offered to you. These treatments can include hormone therapy and radiation. This type of traditional treatment comes with some pretty nasty side-effects. Here are a few:

• Bowel dysfunction
• Fertility reduction
• Erectile dysfunction
• Urinary disfunction

CBD products are natural and do not carry the risk of the side-effects that pharmacological drugs have. There have been studies that report the finding of compounds other than THC had remarkable anti-tumor effects; some of the tests show that CBD plays a part in the destruction of cancer cells.

CBD and products containing CBD may help slow down the growth of the cancer cells that are associated with prostate cancer but should never be the sole treatment for this disease. As we stand today, there is no definitive suggestion that CBD can indeed treat and eradicate cancer. There are, however, proven studies that CBD and products that contain CBD oil can help in alleviating the negative side-effects that can accompany prostate cancer and its treatment. Always discuss any treatment plan adjustment with your prime practitioner regarding changes or additions to your treatment regime.


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