New study reveals cannabis benefits for insomnia

Published May 3, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you have spent endless nights hoping for sleep, then the results of this study is going to make you very happy. There has been a long-term debate about cannabis and its benefits for insomnia. Many people suffer from sleep disturbances, and while there are many useful medications on the market that due help, they also have a list of side effects that go along with them. Recently there was a study conducted at the University of Australia. That revealed some interesting findings on the subject.

The effects of Insomnia

When you can't sleep, it can cause a slew of symptoms that can have a negative effect on everyday life. Mentally you can feel very unwell and like you are walking through a fog for the most part of the day, along with mood swings, lethargy, anxiety, and extreme fatigue. Those symptoms combined can cause depression and can affect your daily decisions.

The study

At the UWA center for sleep science, the study was performed using a cannabinoid extract. They had twenty-three participants that were treated for 14 nights with the extract and 14 nights with a placebo. There was also one pause for one week in-between to ensure the findings were correct. Every patient was able to take a single dosage or a double dosage, depending on the symptoms and severity of their insomnia. However, the patients and researches were unaware of whether the patients were taking a placebo or the actual extract.

The cannabis extract showed some significant improvements in comparison to the placebo. This treatment was analyzed using a subjective and objective estimate of total sleep, amount of wake time during the night, quality of sleep, and how rested each participant felt after a night's sleep. All participant's ISI scores had decreased by 26%. Participants, then we're on the highest dosage, had a 36 % reduction in ISI. Participants had reported that they had a definite increase in sleep quality and were waking up feeling more rested a refreshed with the extract.


This study has been the most diligent clinical trial ever to asses the potential of medical cannabis to treat the symptoms of severe insomnia. Some participants have reported that since taking the cannabinoid extract, they found improvements in their level of stress, social functioning, and the amount of fatigue. Patients need to have a positive effect, and minimal side effects are the key factors in the success of any drug for Insomnia.

It is likely that taking the dosage over time will be more productive and that increasing the dosage could show even more positive results for the insomniac.In light of this new information, Zelira Therapeutics plans to begin the world's first clinically proven cannabis insomnia product later this year.

Many insomniacs have said that cannabis is an excellent attribute with a great therapeutic benefit for mind body and soul . This study just gives more proof in that area, but there is still so much, we still need to learn when it comes to cannabis science. We are looking forward to the release of this therapeutic cannabis extract for sleep. The number of people that will benefit and just seeing the insomniacs have a great sense of well being will be well worth the effort.

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