More parents are requesting medical cannabis products for their kids

Published May 20, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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What is your feeling regarding medicinal cannabis use for your kids' health? Would you want kids cannabis use to be more in the spotlight? The health benefits from cannabis using methods other than smoking weed have proven  to be beneficial in many ways. Do you know why parents would want marijuana for their children?

Physicians and pediatric palliative care teams are hearing more from parents who want to have cannabis involved in their child’s care procedures.  The use of marijuana for children has far outpaced the evidence of cannabis and its aid to children’s health. Pediatricians in Toronto Canada have received more requests from parents of sick children to have cannabis included in the health regime for their children, and the reasons for the demands are becoming more diverse.

Parents are looking for marijuana to help their children handle chronic pain, arthritis, ADHD, and chronic pain, among many other health conditions, but science has only proven that it can help with very few conditions for children. Dr. Evan Lewis, a pediatric neurologist from  Toronto, sees good evidence that cannabis is beneficial to treat certain seizure conditions.

Parents are asking for cannabis to assist children with other seizure conditions. Included in the list of conditions that parents are giving for seeking the advice and approval of marijuana are:

  • Concussions
  • Migraines
  • Autism
  • Behavioural problems

Dr. Lewis is concerned that the research being conducted is not the quality required, and for some of the patients making these requests who don’t have these conditions at all.

How much is the correct amount?

Finding standard dosing for children is a considerable problem. Currently, a CBD only preparation for children is not yet available to patients in Canada. Dr. Richard Huntsman, a pediatric neurologist, is attempting to solve the dilemma around how much is the correct dose for children with complex seizure disorders. The study conducted by the doctor used oil that contained 20 parts CBD to one part THC because parents do not want their children to negatively experience "high" feelings when a medicine is administered.

Doctors need help


Moving forward, the cannabis landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and doctors are looking for advice from scientists. The Canadian Pediatric Society is publishing what they believe is a guideline for physicians, according to adolescent health specialists at McMaster Children’s Hospital. Dr. Christina Grant continues to advise teens that cannabis is not a good treatment option for depression or anxiety treatment. She explains to youth that the effect obtained is opposite to what is expected. She notes that one-sixth of the youth who experiment with cannabis develop cannabis use disorder.

Looking forward

According to physician Dr. Kelly, her research consortium has five clinical trials for kids that are ongoing. She does not think that cannabis is the cure-all, and she acknowledges that marijuana is not magic. However, there are some areas of research that are showing promise, and that alone should warrant investigating with continued research.

Kids and cannabis is a much needed and promising venture that deserves to have research money and time invested in it. The health of the future rulers of the world is at stake, and cannabis may be the answer. Time and continued trials and studies will prove to be beneficial in the healing of children and understanding the adverse health conditions that prevail them.

Parents are asking for help for their sick children, and the cannabis plant is ready and waiting to be studied for the positive influences that it can offer.

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