Marijuana’s benefits for quadriplegics

Published May 13, 2019 01:18 p.m. ET
Photo Credit Darryl Dyck

Damage to the spinal cord can result in serious long-term health complications. Quadriplegia a spinal cord injury prevents a person unable to move parts of their body below the neck. Long-term pain and muscular spasticity where the muscles move without a stimulus are often a daily part of a quadriplegic’s life. The introduction of cannabis to a quadriplegic’s life can relieve some of the pain that is associated with this condition, even if just using cannabis for muscle spasms.

Beyond the use of muscle control here are some of the potential symptoms:

• Chronic pain, four out of five people with spinal cord injury, report chronic pain that is significant. One-third of those people feel that the pain interferes with their quality of life. Muscle atrophy can cause pain to some quadriplegics.
• Weight gain is a reported issue for quadriplegics. Physical therapy and the reduction of calories is required to combat this issue. They often attribute the weight gain to depression.
• Secondary infections are common to the quadriplegic; this is primarily due to bed sores from the inability to move positions in the bed.

You might be wondering; how can the use of marijuana be a positive additive to the daily routine of a quadriplegic? All of us want to achieve the best quality of life that is attainable for us but for quadriplegics the addition of marijuana can make the daily life routine more bearable. Using CBD oil for a spinal cord injury can address chronic pain that can be present daily in the life of a quadriplegic person. The relationship between CBD and nerve pain is being studied currently, as already many people are using CBD oil for their nerve related injuries. If you have nerve damage, you might want to consider trying CBD oil.

Vaping marijuana or eating edibles is a safe and healthy way for quadriplegics to include marijuana in their daily routine.

Attention must be directed at the type of marijuana you are using. Recreation marijuana is often directed at obtaining a “high.” Medical marijuana will be prescribed for the levels of THC and CBD. You need to be using a strain high in CBD. To assure that this is the type of strain you are getting, purchase medical marijuana through a licensed producer. This will ensure the correct dosing and consistency of the product you are purchasing.

Here are some strains that are advisable for the relief of the symptoms that can accompany quadriplegia:

  1. Romulan: muscle spasm and nerve damage that often causes issues for a quadriplegic will lessen with this strain. It is a heavy Indica strain that will provide total body relaxation.

  2. Redwood Kush: provides those feelings of peace and relaxation, so needed for the quadriplegic person. Forget about having to focus on all that is happening. Indulging in this strain will induce a feeling of relaxation.

  3. Scooby Snacks: Indica-dominant and will provide a sweet after-taste. A happy, relaxed state that keeps away depression and can aid in helping you to have a good nights’ sleep.

  4. Green Candy: is a hybrid strain that evokes cerebral and body sensations of relaxation. Issues of pain that can be part of a daily regime for a quadriplegic person can be relieved. Often this strain can increase the energy level of a quadriplegic by increasing their energy level.

  5. Cannatonic: has proven to be a benefit in suppressing appetite. It provides an upbeat feeling and it’d high CBD levels will benefit in suppressing the need to munch on high-calorie munchies.

A word to the wise, when using cannabis in addition to pharmaceutical drugs, discuss with your health provider to ensure you’re not going to hurt yourself.



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