Marijuana and high blood pressure

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:38 p.m. ET

 First, let’s talk about what high blood pressure is. When the force of blood pushes against the blood vessels too hard, the result is an increase in the blood vessel walls. Without treatment, this can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disease.

Non-regular marijuana users may experience a slight increase in their blood pressure; repeated use does tend to build a tolerance to that immediate reaction.

Long-term effects are like exercise, at first your blood pressure raises, and then the more you continue to exercise your blood pressure can lower. Perhaps due to a calming effect or even a positive raise in your outlook, which cannabis can do for you as well.

How you choose to use marijuana can affect your blood pressure.

Vaping is considered a better way to indulge. Less toxic than smoking on your lungs. Your body is not fighting the toxins that enter your lungs and have aided in increasing your blood pressure. If neither smoking or vaping is something that interests you, then you may like to ingest your cannabis in edible form. Research and make sure that you are taking the correct dose. As with all edibles start slow remembering it takes longer to feel the effects when consumed this way. Thirty minutes to an hour should be ample time for you to notice the effects. Increase your dose accordingly a small amount at a time until you have reached the effects you need.

Does smoking weed increase blood pressure?

Some strains you use could have a better outcome on your blood pressure than others. Here are a few suggested strains that will help reduce stress, promote a feeling of relaxation and present with an overall happy stress-free feeling.

Blue Dream - Sativa dominant, it evokes a physical relaxation mode, great to lower blood pressure

Black Larry Bird - Powerful THC content, very goodfor relaxation and getting rid of stress


Super Sour Diesel - Sativa dominant, great for treating stress and anxiety, both of which are not good for high blood pressure

Purple Kush - Indica strain, invokes feelings of relaxation and carefree times

Does weed lower blood pressure?

The body has a natural version of THC, “anandamide.” it relaxes the blood vessels keeping the blood flowing freely and lowering the pressure.

CBD is not psychoactive. If you choose to use this to aid in the control of your blood pressure, you will not experience the stoned effects associated with THC.

CBD may reduce systolic pressure and help to reduce the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack. This is the pressure inside your arteries when the heart is not resting. CBD is a vasodilator it makes your arteries and blood vessels wider, this enables a better blood flow.

Here are some CBD strains that will help in the managing of hypertension. These strains are great buds if you choose to smoke your cannabis:

  • Critical Mass
  • Blue Shark
  • Harlequin

Ultimately the use of cannabis for the treatment of high blood pressure is a personal choice. This decision should be made along with the consultation of a marijuana educated healthcare provider.



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