Joints for Jabs to give away free weed at vaccination sites in D.C.

Published Jan 23, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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The pandemic has created a massive divide spanning the globe, and even now that we’ve gotten news of a COVID-19 vaccine which might be the answer to our prayers, the debate continues. Should people be given the freedom to willingly sign up for or skip the COVID-19 vaccine or could it be forced? Is it morally acceptable that employers be allowed to mandate employees to take a shot as a term of employment, and should some businesses have the power to prohibit non vaccinated individuals?

During unprecedented times like these, just about everything is on the table because according to the experts, we need a rate of approximately 70% compliance in order for the shot to be effective. Still, no matter what we choose to do, there is no way to ensure that everyone will get the COVID-19 vaccine, which is why some organizations and activists have turned towards less conventional means of enticing people to line up and get vaccinated.

Joints for Jabs

Adam Eidinger, the brainchild behind the free weed giveaway titled ‘Joints for Jabs’, is doing everything that he can think of to get people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The goal of the project is to gain people's trust in the medical science behind the vaccine by comparing it to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. With help from activists from D.C. Marijuana Justice, a cannabis advocacy group, Adam hopes to boost attendance when mass vaccination sites open up across Washington D.C.

Aside from an educational lesson, D.C. Marijuana Justice advocates will be live and on-site passing out over 10 000 pre-rolls, something they did once before during the inauguration of Donald J Trump. Organizers promise that all giveaway activities will be 100% COVID safe, with mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitary measures, but even with the lingering risk, they plan to be there in person to hand out free weed to anyone who willingly gets the shot.

Is it a good idea?


The pandemic struck at a time when public trust in government was already at an all-time low, and now that millions of people have either lost or are losing their livelihood, this situation likely isn’t about to get any easier. Initial estimates put public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine and its safety at somewhere around 45% in the United States, and though there has been a slight shift, according to recent polls, in the upwards direction, only 60% of Americans plan to get the vaccine once it’s available, which isn’t quite enough to provide the population with a strong level of immunity.

Whether or not Joints for Jabs is using a hot product for people to get the shot is not up for dispute, as it’s obvious and well known that some people will do just about anything for free weed, and in this case, that might be a good thing. If we want to see life get back to normal, then we need to get a handle on this whole COVID situation by reducing the number of ICU patients taking up beds, and right now, the COVID-19 vaccine looks like one of the only ways we might be able to do that. So while some might debate the morals of this giveaway, it’s still a really great idea in terms of public health.

How to get in on this giveaway

Unfortunately, we aren’t exactly sure which sites will be visited by Joints for Jabs because the majority of mass vaccination sites haven't been established yet, but the crew is expected to make an appearance at several different locations in an attempt to entice as many folks as possible to get jabbed in exchange for free weed. However, those who are interested in getting in on the giveaway should keep their eyes peeled and stay tuned for updates that will be posted on the D.C. Marijuana Justice website.

Has COVID19 increased your cannabis consumption


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