Are smoking joints and blunts unhealthy?

Published May 23, 2019 11:09 a.m. ET
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Are there any reasons for not smoking joints or blunts, whether for medicinal or recreational use?

Canadians can now legally smoke cannabis as of October 17, 2018. So we need to figure out the best way for you to enjoy your marijuana.

Here are two methods of consuming cannabis through smoking or inhaling it into the lungs:

Smoking a joint

• Definition of a joint: a rolled cannabis cigarette wrapped in a translucent rolling paper and contains nothing but marijuana within it. The size of the joint is similar to the 3-inch size of most cigarettes. For the flavor of your joint, you will mainly rely on the strain that you choose to use when rolling your joint. There are papers that are flavoured which are available for your palates to enjoy when paired with the strain you have picked.

Smoking a blunt

  • Definition of a blunt: tobacco paper used to roll cigars are implemented into the rolling of a blunt which will deliver some nicotine to the user. The flavour from your blunt is derived from the strain of marijuana that you use and the tobacco leaf that you are using to roll your blunt with. Finding a perfect pairing for tastes can be a chore, but when you find the right taste for your palate, you will be rewarded with a well- balanced taste of tobacco and cannabis.

Smoking a joint or smoking blunts does it matter which one you do? If you enjoy smoking marijuana as a method of consumption, you are in the majority. There is no tobacco involved when consuming joint and many people who believe in a more health conscious living feel this to be a better choice than smoking a blunt.

• Joints will deliver a more potent THC per inhaling than a blunt will. When comparing the amount of THC that is involved, compared to smoking blunt evidence suggests that 52% more THC is delivered by smoking a joint.
• A higher effective experience is delivered from smoking a joint than a blunt; it could be the lack of nicotine that is responsible for this effect.
• When smoking a joint, you are not subjecting your body to numerous dangerous chemicals, including carbon-monoxide.

The tobacco leaf that is used to roll blunts contains carbon monoxide, which can be a trigger to pulmonary and cardiovascular disease. So really it’s not the effects of marijuana you’ll suffer from but those of tobacco.

Smoking blunts or smoking a joint have been two of the main ways of consuming marijuana. As we move forward, there are more health-conscious ways to obtain the effects that cannabis delivers. Smoking a blunt is one of the least healthy ways for you to consume cannabis even though they remain a popular method of enjoying a cannabis moment. When you inhale from a blunt, you are holding the smoke in your lungs which is toxic. For those of you who are not a nicotine lover, partaking with a blunt may be a bit intense. For a blunt wrap that does not involve tobacco, thereby nicotine, you will need to seek out a hemp wrap to ensure that there is no tobacco being incorporated.

To answer the question of whether you should smoke a blunt or a joint, it is a personal choice. Each method, as mentioned earlier, has its pros and cons. Partaking of the cannabis plant in any method requires responsibilities. Enjoy!



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