Is it safe to smoke weed immediately after a vaccination?

Published May 6, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Now that COVID-19 has ravaged the world, one thing is on everyone's mind, and it’s the shot. Depending on where you live in the world, access to vaccines might be limited, or at the very least slow-moving, but they’re coming, and we all have to be prepared for it. Most of us get vaccinated as kids, but very few adults maintain them, so now that we suddenly have to get one, questions are being raised like “Is it safe to smoke weed after the shot?”

Adults, unlike children, tend to rely on a wide variety of substances and medications, be it for recreational or medicinal relief, so we’re putting elements into our bodies that create a unique chemical reaction. We get so used to it that it’s not uncommon for it to slip our minds that these are all drugs of varying types, some of which can negatively impact one another.

Mixing substances after getting vaccinated

Once you finally get the lifesaving shot, you might be tempted to celebrate by hanging out with a bunch of friends for a few drinks or a smoking session, but only one of those ideas is a good one. The vaccine is known to make those who get it feel a little bit under the weather, and this is the result of a weakened immune system. Though it might sound counterproductive, this minor blip in your body’s protection is necessary to get the full effects.

Drinking alcohol immediately after getting vaccinated is not recommended because it has a bad habit of taking down the immune system, which might not adversely impact how effective the shot is, but it could leave you feeling absolutely terrible. Some experts say that alcohol makes the side effects of the vaccine worse, cautioning consumers to wait as long as possible before indulging, but what about weed?

Does smoking weed weaken the immune system?

So, celebrating with alcohol is out of the question because no one wants to feel bad on purpose, but what about cannabis? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s nothing to worry about because cannabinoids do not attack the immune system at all. In fact, some studies suggest that smoking or eating cannabis can help to improve immune system functioning, so there is no reason not to indulge in a celebratory toke.

Why you still might want to avoid that smoke circle

Rolling a joint, taking a few sips of weed tea, or losing yourself in a round of dabs is the perfect way to celebrate getting vaccinated. However, it’s still best that you get high on your own for the first few days afterward. This is because, as we’ve mentioned, the shot will deliver a small hit to your immune system, which means that you will be extra susceptible to catching any contagious illness until the side effects wear off.

Even if you aren’t necessarily worried about getting COVID-19 as your friends are producing clean tests for it, they could very well be carrying something else that could take you out of commission for a while. Instead, it’s best just to stay home, take it easy, and puff away on some of that sweet, sweet green while you recover from the ordeal.

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