Is getting stoned with a friend practicing proper social distancing?

Published Apr 19, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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As we face an uncertain future with a rapidly spreading epidemic, our lives are changing and adapting to a whole new reality. Everyone is making sacrifices as businesses shutter their doors, and thousands of workers are laid off, and it’s all happening before our very eyes. These changes are shocking, overwhelming, and a rude awakening for many who once believed that we were impervious to such an assault on humanity.

The situation is unfolding, and it’s time that we start making the right decisions if we want to truly make a difference, as we already see hospitals becoming overwhelmed in some regions, which is why it is so important to understand what you must do to play your part in it all. Smoking weed and getting stoned with friends is a social activity, and it has been that way for ages, but a lot of people are starting to wonder if it’s a good idea to continue with these traditions.

Social distancing vs. physical distancing

Chances are pretty good that you’ve likely heard both terms used to describe the actions that governments everywhere are enforcing to slow the spread of COVID-19. This is a good thing because it means that the message is getting out there, but the problem is that some seem to be misinterpreting what they mean, and how it impacts them personally.

Social distancing is the term that is most commonly used to describe the action of avoiding human to human interactions. It’s something that government officials and health experts everywhere are parroting, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t talk to our friends anymore. However, it is important to recognize that while it is vital and not forbidden to keep in touch with friends and family during this crazy time, it is recommended that we all practice physical distancing.

Physical distancing better describes what we all need to do right now, as the virus transfers from person to person, so our goal is to put a distance between people as much as possible to reduce the rate of its spread. Of course, there are some exceptions, like the fact that we all need to go to the grocery store, and some of us are essential workers that have to move about to keep necessary parts of society running.

These exceptions to the rules guarantee at least some spread, which is why all of the smaller decisions that we make as individuals can make such a significant difference in how things play out in the end. It is also why governments are starting to enforce lockdowns more strictly with fines and other punishments for failure to comply.

Of course, your location in the world might make a difference as to how strict these rules are, but the message is the same and consistent across the board no matter where you look, as guidelines and recommendations for proper physical distancing measures are backed by science and data based on what we know so far about COVID-19.


Recommended guidelines for physical distancing

In order to decrease the transmission rates of COVID-19, the Canadian government has released a long list of recommended actions, including:

  • Avoiding unnecessary outings through the community
  • Grocery shop weekly (or less) whenever possible
  • Cancel or reschedule all group gatherings
  • Limit interactions with anyone who resides outside of your household
  • When you must leave for shopping or to get some fresh air, it is important to maintain a minimum of six feet between you and anyone who resides outside of your home

In conclusion

Smoking weed with your friends is a great social activity might normally be the highlight of your week, but it’s not something that anyone should be doing right now. That includes impromptu tailgate gatherings where everybody brings their own weed because we need everybody to do their part if we truly want to stop this thing. We have all been tasked with a responsibility that we did not ask for, but it’s so easy to comply and it will help to save what could potentially be thousands of lives.

So, stay inside, connect with your friends through email or social media, limit non-essential travel and outings as much as possible which means rescheduling your weekly smoke session with friends and do your part. We are all in this together, and we can come out stronger if everybody does their best and works together to make a difference.

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