How to use CBD to treat concussions

Published Jun 3, 2019 09:02 a.m. ET
Credit: yacobchuk

When the head is bumped, jolted, or a blow is sustained that causes the head to rock back and forth, you may have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) known as a concussion. A concussion can lead to long term effects, including a reduction in cognitive functions, strokes, and dementia. Patients that have sustained a TBI have a 1.5 risk of increase to suffering a stroke. The more TBI’s that are sustained without treatment can result in a medical condition known as post-concussion syndrome (PCS). This medical condition is known to last for longer than two months after the initial injury. Symptoms that can accompany a concussion include but not limited to:

• Nausea and vomiting
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Mood disorders

CBD is known to combat these symptoms and many more.  When administered to a patient after a closed head injury, CBD can limit the number of damaged tissues that can occur. This cannabinoid is the second most abundant cannabinoid and will not produce high euphoric effects.

It is non-intoxicating and is generally well tolerated by most people.

For the reduction and repair of long-term damage, CBD is an athlete’s friend or anyone that has suffered a concussion, which can also be the result of a vehicle accident. Many have experienced injuries, including concussions and have been helped in treating the injury by using CBD in many different forms.

A common form of administering a precise dose is by using CBD edibles.

Edibles can be micro-dosed, providing an even long-lasting result for pain management and nausea. CBD edibles are a legal and safe way for patients to receive their medicine and can be enjoyed in numerous forms.


CBD edibles in the form of tea is a welcomed beverage when combating the headaches that concussions deliver. Teas are a discreet method of dosing and will normally provide relief in about 15 to 25 minutes.

CBD gummies are also a convenient way for the patient to have a controlled and monitored the dose of CBD. Ease in administering your medicine is often stated as a bonus from patients needing to continue with the everyday tasks while handling a constant debilitating headache. The CBD gummy will be a welcomed addition to your daily routine.

CBD lotion is an efficient method of how to use CBD to treat concussions. CBD lotion, when applied to the specific area of the body that is experiencing the pain provides fast-acting relief. This method, using lotions, when rubbed into the skin penetrates through the different layers of the epidermis, providing quick pain relief. Using a cream or CBD lotion provides a method for absorbing CBD other that smoking, vaping or eating the cannabidiol.

CBD wax is another method of administering CBD and needs to be dabbed for you to achieve the relief from any of the symptoms of concussion. If you prefer this method of obtaining relief of your concussion or PCS, choose a decent dabbing pen for the process of heating your CBD wax to the perfect temperature for releasing the medicinal benefits of this cannabidiol.

CBD is produced from the cannabis plant and has many medicinal benefits yet to be discovered. Much more testing will be needed in this sought-after form and medicine for treating symptoms of concussions including pain, without the debilitating side effects of opioids that are commonly prescribed for controlling pain, associated with the headaches that are presented from concussions.



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