How to use cannabis products for medical use

Published Apr 21, 2019 01:41 p.m. ET
Canadian Press, Damian Dovarganes

If you are located in a region that allows medical marijuana or has access to other products for recreational use, then you might be amazed to learn just how many products there are out there right now that can benefit humans when utilized for medical purposes. Gone are the days where grams with Glaucoma had to smoke straight from a pipe or bong to get an effective dose of cannabinoids. Thanks to cannabis research and technology, there are now plenty of great options that can be used without smoking marijuana at all. Here, we will show you some of the most common and well perceived cannabis products that have medicinal uses, including how much they cost, and how to use them.

Smoking marijuana

This is the most widely used method of marijuana use since it’s easy and requires minimal equipment or experience to perform. Luckily, there are many different options including concentrates that can be either smoked through a bong or weed pipe or vaped using a healthier alternative called a vaporizer.

THC pills

THC pills are legal in Canada and select US states but are only available to the average citizen with a prescription from a doctor. That doesn’t mean you need a prescription for medical marijuana to enjoy them; it just means that you will need to put a bit more work into making them yourself if you don’t. THC pills can be made easily by purchasing an encapsulating machine, cannabis oil, and empty casings to be filled in the comfort of your own home.

THC crystals

THC crystals are perfect for those who are interested in marijuana use, without the potential adverse effects of smoking. They are also scent free and tasteless, making the ideal addition to almost any drink or recipe. They can be added in measured quantities to control dose to almost anything like baked goods, cold drinks, hot drinks, smoothies, ice cream, and more.

Cannabis salve or ointment

THC or CBD salves and ointments are meant to be used externally and can be applied to any affected body part to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. They cannot be smoked or eaten and may only be applied topically by rubbing small amounts on the affected area by hand.


Marijuana tinctures

Cannabis tinctures can be made or purchased with either THC, CBD or a combination of the two. They are meant to be taken orally and made of highly concentrated alcohol that can be taken in shots to medicate or added to some candy or other alcohol based recipes. Cannabinoid tinctures come with the additional benefit of being long lasting both after use and in storage.

Cannabinoid beauty products

Though not everyone considers their skin to be a medical use for marijuana, but many cannabinoid-based products are the only thing that helps them manage their symptoms. Whether you have swollen dark eyes from a lack of sleep, wrinkles, acne, or a skin condition these products can be useful in managing your symptoms. Since they are all meant to be used externally, they are for direct contact use only, and even when including THC will not get you high since the majority of the THC will not be absorbed through the skin. Eye-shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip chaps, foundation, blush, and other facial products can all be found on the market today.

Cannabis oil

Marijuana oil should not be confused for the concentrate that is meant to be smoked. Cannabis oil is intended to be taken orally for fast, long lasting, and effective relief using either CBD or THC as a base for medical benefits. This particular product will get you high, and the effects can last up to twelve hours at a time, reducing the need for additional doses in between.

Nasal spray

There are several different products that have been granted for approval in Canada, but the very first is called Sativex and is made using a combination of both THC and CBD. Unfortunately, you can’t just go get this one from a store, and you will need a prescription in order to access it legally, but it is an effective pain and symptom management treatment for all of the same conditions as other medical marijuana products.



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