How to tell the potency of your CBD oil

Published Aug 10, 2019 01:35 p.m. ET
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The big buzz around cannabis today is all about CBD oil. What is it? Will I get high from it? Will it help to ease my chronic pain? These are questions are the most commonly asked when the subject of CBD is touched on. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and will not produce those high euphoric feelings that its counter-partner THC does. Most CBD oil is processed using hemp plant materials, and many different forms of extraction that all result in the same product. CBD has shown to help combat several medical conditions and symptoms that patients might exhibit, including:

- PTSD and anxiety

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Opioid withdrawal

- Epilepsy and seizure disorders

- Chronic pain

CBD lays claim to be able to treat those disorders. However, the number one claim to date for CBD and its health benefits are the treatment of a debilitating and rare form of childhood epilepsy. One, which is known as Dravet's Syndrome, can cause a child to have one hundred seizures daily. As they age, the condition progresses, and seizures occur even more frequently. CBD has garnered federal approval as a legal treatment for this syndrome.

Cannabis strains that are high in CBD content are probably the second-most accounted for cannabinoid in cannabis. However, this is not always the golden rule. The strains that are high in CBD seem to present with clear-headedness and capable, functional effects. The missing ingredient for some is the euphoric high that THC provides. Commonly strains that are high in CBD are usually used for those needing to medicate during the day. A CBD dose can help them to control pain, inflammation, and other chronic conditions.

CBD oil that has been extracted from strains that are high in CBD will produce CBD oil with the same level of potency. A question asked by many that are contemplating using CBD oil for different ailments that they have is what dose I should be taking? First, let us establish that to date, there is no known lethal dose or serious side-effects that come from using CBD. However, dosing is currently a trial and error method. If you are contemplating using CBD oil as part of your medication regime, take time to discuss this with your primary caregiver.

The Cannabis Act allows CBD products to be sold only at territorial and provincial authorized retailers, or those medical cannabis sellers that have authorization from the Federal government. The Canadian Health Food Association believe those regulations limit who can access the products. CHFA is actively trying to change those laws. The organization is hopeful that the looming Federal election will pressure the political parties to help and listen to the needs of this industry.

Hemp products today mainly CBD oil, is a wanted and needed commodity. The consumer using CBD oil for health reasons would prefer to purchase their CBD oil at a health store rather than having to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary. The opinion of many CBD oil users is that CBD oil falls into a health category. Consumers should be able to purchase legal, regulated CBD products at a natural health store.

CBD oil can be ingested in many end-product forms, including:

- Capsules

- Vape

- Lotions

- Edibles

However, you choose to use your CBD make sure you do so with safe, regulated products and ENJOY


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