How to safely connect with your stoner friends from a distance

Published Apr 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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We have already touched on some of the different ways that you can cut down on germs when you’re getting stoned with your friends, but now that things are heating up, and COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise, congregating with people who reside outside of your home is no longer recommended. This can be challenging for longtime friends, and especially hard for those who live alone, but it’s a necessary sacrifice that must be made in order to save thousands of lives.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you cannot connect with your very best friends. What it does mean is that you need to get a bit more creative and do it safely, and we’re here to help with some fantastic options that are available through the incredible power of technology and the internet. They might not all suit every kind of relationship, but you are bound to find something here that will facilitate safe interactions between you and those you love the most.

1. Skype or Facebook call

Once upon a time, payphones were the norm, as we didn’t have fancy cell phones with cameras that could work from anywhere, but times have changed, and you can now do so much more than just picking up the phone to reach out to your friends. Platforms such as Facebook and Skype have helped to evolve the phone call into a face to face interaction that makes it feel like you’re in the same room, which might be just what you need to have a long-distance session with your stoner pals.

2. Host a watch party on Facebook

If you’re the life of every party and feel comfortable enough with taking a little toking session online, then a Facebook watch party might be the perfect tool for you. This cool social media platform tool allows you to use almost any camera to record yourself talking to all of your friends. Now, if this sounds a little bit one-sided, don’t fret, because everybody that you know can chime in with comments that you can read and respond to live. This is perfect for anyone who wants to reach out and have some more intimate time with friends from afar.

3. Online gaming platforms

This one can also be performed with almost any kind of device, including phones, tablets, computers, or gaming systems like the Xbox or PlayStation, but which one you chose will depend on the types of games that you enjoy playing with your friends. For those who enjoy high action competition, Fortnite or Animal Crossings on a game system might be just up your alley, but anyone who wants a more old school experience with games like Checkers, Chess, or Bingo, a computer will be better suited for the task.

Some of these options allow you to talk live so that all of your friends can hear what you’ve got to say in your own voice, while others allow you to chat it up in a virtual world through typing, which can help to take the pressure off of those who might not enjoy or feel comfortable with being filmed in their own home. So, make sure to do some research before getting too far invested financially, and so that you get the most out of the experience because it might be something you come to rely on for the next several months.

4. Make YouTube movies

Once upon a time an individual would be required to pay to get their face on the big screen, that is if you weren’t someone who was wildly popular with star status to boot, but now it’s as easy as owning a cell phone, or a laptop with a camera to get going, and some folks are making millions of dollars doing so. Now, of course, you aren’t going to become a popular YouTube sensation overnight, but you can quickly and efficiently get messages that include encouraging words to let everybody know how you’re doing while social distancing.

There are so many things that you can do with this one, from creating funny YouTube movies of your own to running fun challenges and competitions that can be shared with everyone you know. You could record yourself getting lost in a game that you’d nearly forgotten about, or just sit back and enjoy getting stoned, while all of your pals watch from afar, and spark one-up themselves in solidarity.


5. Write letters

Since COVID-19 is known to travel great lengths for a troubling period of time to surfaces and materials like those that are used to write an old fashioned letter, it’s probably not a great idea to write letters, that way right now, unless you plan on sending them to your friends after all of this is over. In the meantime, however, there are plenty of safe ways to drop a line and connect with your friends while practicing the recommended social distancing guidelines.

You could chat through a messenger service like Facebook, or you could write messages on your windows for your friends to see as they walk by. There is also good old-fashioned email, which is reliable and reduces the pressure to respond immediately, or you might just want to shoot a text out to everybody on your contacts list instead. No matter which way you choose, the message will get through, and it will be a perfectly safe and fun way to stay connected to your stoner friends.

The benefits of staying connected

Social distancing, or as some might prefer to call it, physical distancing, doesn’t have to get in the way of the strong bonds and friendships that we want to maintain. Person to person connection is an essential part of the human condition, and without it, you might find yourself feeling lonely, anxious, or lost. Our friends can help to keep us entertained and sane during this crazy time, which will ultimately make the time pass faster and more comfortably for everyone.

How to make new stoner friends during a pandemic

If you don’t already have a solid group of cannabis-loving friends to fall back on during these trying times, then now is an excellent time to get out there (metaphorically, of course) and find them! If you have access to the internet, then you have a million different options at your fingertips. A few great places to start could be local cannabis Facebook groups, high traffic pot focus forums, or through a connection service like Kijiji, where someone is always looking for a friend.

It shouldn’t take long to find someone that you click with, and it can all be done while practicing safe social distancing recommendations, so if you’re feeling out of the loop, you might want to head on out in search of someone else who is seeking the same thing. In times like these, we could all use a friend, because they help make it easier to get through.

There is no need to face the uncertainty ahead alone, as we now have technology on our side.

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