How to maintain hormonal balance with cannabis

Published Aug 8, 2019 10:19 a.m. ET
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Both men and women can struggle with hormonal imbalance issues, which can lead to troubles with fertility and other natural cycles that are necessary for the human body to function at optimal levels. You might be surprised to learn that despite hundreds of pharmaceutical options on the market today to help with regulating hormones, very few are effective, and most are plagued with a list of associated symptoms that can often make the minimal comforts feel less than worthwhile. Though you won’t find any cure-all solutions here, what you will learn is how the hundreds of different chemical components that are produced by cannabis plants can help you to maintain a synergistic flow of regular bodily functions that you may or may not even be aware of.

How the elements in cannabis plants can help to regulate hormone production

Most recreational ingredients that we have access to today, like alcohol, are toxic at their core. The effects from a high proof liquor are caused by a slight poisoning of the internal system, which can be damaging to the internal organs of the consumer. Cannabis plants produce two primary components that are known for their ability to regulate the release of hormones in the human body, including THC and CBD. These elements are able to interact with the body through a complex network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system.

Though it might sound like a dream to cannabis enthusiasts, this internal system is not designed just to allow us to enjoy the benefits of marijuana, but its true purpose is to transfer essential messages to the brain. This trigger the release of chemicals, including hormones to do things like trigger appetite, calm pain or make you sleepy. When these things are needed, the body will generally release its own proteins that are eerily similar to THC and CBD to do this job, and it is believed that in many people, a hormone imbalance is likely caused by a lack of this naturally produced proteins.

Thanks to the latest cannabis science, we now know that both primary cannabinoids can have this same effect, which can help to regulate the release of hormones, even in cases where the individual isn’t making enough of the natural protein on their own. Though there has yet to be an official release for a recommended schedule of products or doses to achieve this effect, these overwhelmingly positive results have been confirmed by multiple cannabis science researchers.

Are marijuana strains the only breed of plants to offer this benefit?


This isn’t a cannabis-specific effect as both THC and CBD can help to regulate hormones. Hemp seeds, hemp flowers and cannabis plant materials can all be used to extract the beneficial elements necessary for hormone regulation.

How to achieve an optimal hormonal balance using cannabinoids

There is no perfect treatment plan when it comes to regulating hormones, and any experimentation that is done using marijuana products should be used under the supervision of a medical specialist. Cannabinoids can impact the efficacy of prescribed medications and may result in an adverse reaction when used in conjunction with other medical conditions. It is always recommended to begin with the smallest dose possible, keep consistent and utilize the non-psychoactive side of CBD products whenever necessary.

How CBD oil can help you to manage hormone imbalances


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