How to get home safely when you're under the influence

Published Jun 6, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Whether you're already impaired or planning on how to get home from an upcoming cannabis party, there are many options to consider, including some that didn't make it onto this list. Here, we're going to highlight the ten most highly accessible avenues to take when you can't drive safely because driving high is very much illegal no matter how positively cannabis may be viewed in your region.

1. Go with a designated driver

This suggestion really only works if you're planning ahead, but it's the safest by far because having a completely sober companion on this endeavour can make the whole adventure safer from beginning to end. Of course, the most important thing to do is to pick someone you can trust to abstain. Otherwise, you'll both need to find an alternative way home.

2. Take a bus

Most big cities have somewhat reliable public bus systems that will take you anywhere you need to go for a nominal fee. Even some small towns have regular busses to help people who want to visit or shop in major cities, though these are likely much more expensive and less flexible than regular transit. If you're lucky, you might even have a driver who is willing to give you a heads up when you're nearing your stop, which can be a big help when you're high.

3. Call a cab

Nearly every city or town is serviced by at least one taxi company, and even rural properties often have access to this service, and it's a really great way to get home safely. Unfortunately, if you need to travel a significant distance, the cost might seem high, and not all cab companies run 24-hours, so these things must be estimated and considered when making a choice, especially if you're running on a limited budget.

4. Hire a personal driver

Designated Driver is just one of many companies to offer this service, and it's an amazing option if you have a vehicle because then you can drive to your destination and wake up the next day with your ride waiting outside. In this case, you're hiring a person who will be dropped off upon request, and they'll drive you where you need to go. The nice thing about these services is that they tend to be slightly cheaper than cabs, and they save you from having to find another way to get there, which is often an added expense.

5. Walk

If you live or are staying within walking distance, then there is no cheaper way to travel than by foot, and as long as you feel coherent enough to pay attention to signs or go from memory on this journey, then it can be a safe way to get home and get some exercise. The problem is that some people might struggle with this endeavour, especially those with low tolerance or limited experience. So if you're confident you'll make it there in one piece, then great, but if there's any hesitation at all, it might be better to choose another option from this list.

6. Bicycle

Many inebriated travellers swear by bicycles, and that is especially true for those who live in big cities or neighbourhoods that don't always feel safe when you have to move through them slowly. If you already own one, the journey is free, and it's an excellent way to work those muscles. Unfortunately, it's not the ideal option for everyone, including those who have long distances to travel, as well as anyone struggling to maintain their balance, so be sure to keep that in mind when you're making this decision.

7. Take a train

Whether you're looking to take the fast train just across a neighbourhood, or you've got a long distance to go to a whole different city, trains can be a perfect way to travel when you're high. Of course, not all people have access to this method of transportation, and in some cases, the expense of doing so might not be worth the night out, but that's not generally applicable to subway trains in larger cities, so it's an option that's always worth looking into.

8. Share a limo

The absolutely wonderful thing about limousines is that they're willing to travel great distances to move riders where they need to go, and they pick you up at the front door, which makes the transition really easy. The only problem is that they also tend to be expensive, but this cost can be spread among several people. You can go on an adventure to and from your location in style and comfort, no matter where you are in a limo.

9. Phone a friend or family member

Bus systems, cabs, personal drivers, limos, and trains all have selected hours they run, which can leave you in a tough spot if you want to stay beyond those times. However, good friends or family members might be willing to give you a lift, especially if you're able to plan ahead, so they know to be both ready and available. It's one of the best ways to stay safe because you'll be with someone you trust, and it's generally an affordable route to take, which is great news for those on a budget.

10. Wait it out

If you've exhausted all other options, spent all of the money it might take to use them, or just prefer to drive yourself home, then the safest choice is to wait out the effects until you're comfortable with making the journey. How long this takes will depend on the products you consume, with smokables wearing off in as little as 30-60 minutes and edibles closer to several hours. It might seem like a pain, but if you want to stay safe, it's the only choice when there's no other reasonable way to get home.

High CBD strains with low THC do not impact driving


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