How does schizophrenia interact with cannabis?

Published May 12, 2019 01:05 p.m. ET
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Can marijuana cure schizophrenia? While no, it can’t, either alone or in conjunction with other prescribed medication, cannabis can however be an effective aid in treatment for schizophrenia. CBD may enhance the effectiveness of other medications that are being used to treat this debilitating disease.

Let's go over what schizophrenia is: It is a chronic mental disorder. Schizophrenia renders a person to feel that they may have lost touch with reality. How a person feels behaves and reacts to others, and the environment is affected. A combination of genetics, altered brain chemistry, and brain structure may contribute to the cause of the disease. Pinning down the exact cause has not yet been discovered. Today the common treatments are harsh on the body and mind of the patient prescribed this type of medication. The medications commonly used are labeled as anti-psychotic and anti-tremor medication, they are used along with different forms of therapy. Because there is no cure for schizophrenia, finding a healthy way to manage this mental health disorder is paramount in treatment.

CBD and mental illness

CBD oil is a natural plant-basedoil that contains “feel good” cannabinoids. These molecules are released when we feel relaxed and in a happy environment. The dosing of CBD oil for schizophrenia should be discussed with your health care provider. This should be a priority if you are taking other medications for your schizophrenia.

CBD Oil schizophrenia dosage

A general starting point for the amount to take is 15 mg once or twice a day. I suggest that it be taken with food.


Cannabidiol and psychosis

CBD is presumed to be helpful in normalizing the areas in the brain that are usually included when discussing psychosis. CBD can calm the brain and support the area of the brain responsible for healthy emotions and memories. Social anxiety has been reduced by the administration of CBD oil. Another positive outcome of using this oil is there are little or no unpleasant side effects. There are weight gain and movement problems associated with the anti-psychotic medication, none of which are conducive to the mental health patient’s well-being.

Strains better suited for psychosis

It is important to understand the reason for not that choosing a strain of marijuana that has high levels of THC; it can likely invoke symptoms of anxiety and paranoia, this is not the strain you are looking for if you suffer from any form of schizophrenia. Here are a few strains that have higher levels of CBD:



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