How cannabis can aid in recovery after skin cancer

Published Mar 15, 2019 01:03 p.m. ET

Marijuana and skin cancer

Ever wondered what the best form of Cannabis is for skin cancer?

I think we need to identify the three types of skin cancer. Melanoma, Basal cell, and Squamous cell, all are an uninhibited growth of skin cells.

The question is can cannabis help in the treatment of any or one of these types of skin cancer?

CBD and THC possess some of the following cancer-fighting properties.

  • Aids in slowing cancer cells from reproducing
  • Able to help stop the spread of cancer cells to      other organs
  • Help in preventing the formation of new blood      vessels that can feed the cancer cells

Rick Simpson Oil and skin cancer

The famous Canadian Cannabis oil used in the treatment of some skin cancers is RSO or Rick Simpson Oil.  This oil was used and produced by the founder of the oil to treat his skin cancer, Basil cell carcinoma. He claims that his skin cancer was eradicated in four days, by topically applying this oil and keeping it covered.

Rick Simpson is a Canadian medical marijuana activist. His oil formula is different than most medical oils. The oil is relatively high on the THC scale. Rick Simpson does not sell his oil, although he does encourage people to follow his online recipe. RSO is developed from the Indica plant. The sedative effects from this plant are claimed to induce the healing process. The suggestive dose for RSO is to take a dose every eight hours. RSO, after consumption, may take an hour or two to feel the effects; the effects usually last 4-6 hours. It is suggested that you start with three doses per day working up to 60 grams consumed in a 90-day period. Do not dab RSO as a method of consumption, it is produced with high proof solvent and could be unhealthy.

Cannabis oil for skin cancer

Do your research when purchasing your CBD oil for skin cancer, not all suppliers provide the same quality, the results can differ especially in the flavor. The taste is not desirable from some suppliers, so an alternative to applying the oil directly to the skin cancer itself proved to be for some, miraculous. Skin cancers appeared to diminish in size. There are no high feelings experienced from CBD oil. When you administer by spraying under the tongue, it will release chemicals from the brain. These chemicals dopamine and serotonin will release those feel-good feelings one can experience but is not psychoactive.

Hash oil

Hash oil for skin cancer provides a very concentrated form of cannabinoids; this will explain the high potency of the oil. The palliative effects are well noted when ingesting hash oil.

When interacting with the Endocannabinoid System, CBD and THC offer a curative effect. Although both CBD and THC are known to have cancer quality features THC is the primary cannabinoid in the cannabis oil that has shown promise and results. Patients have reported that the THC in cannabis oil can cause an intense psychoactive high. This takes a few weeks for the body to be acclimated to the high. Some have reported that black pepper will help in the diminishing of this effect.

Hemp oil and cannabis oil come from the same plant but different components of the plant. These components have different effects on our bodies. Generally, hemp oil is looked upon as a food product, usually in your salads or smoothies.


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