How can CBD help dogs?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:48 p.m. ET

 Does your dog have social anxiety disorder? Perhaps they have separation anxiety? Are they barking more incessantly when you leave them alone? Do they hide under the bed or in a dark closet when the weather changes to thunderstorms? Maybe music being played by the local band as they march by sends your pooch into a tailspin. The might shake uncontrollably and sometimes are so traumatized that they do not control their urinating. This may be a phobia bought on by loud noises. If your pet is displaying some of those problems, you might be interested in CBD snacks for your dog.  CBD has calming effects and can reduce anxiety attacks. A similar effect is noticed in the masters of these animals when they consume CBD products.

CBD oil for dogs

CBD usage in prepared snacks is not available in all countries. Therefore I am going to introduce to you how CBD oil can help dogs. Let's discuss a few of the conditions that would be benefited by the addition of CBD oil to their daily regime.

If your pet is diagnosed with seizures, CBD oil is effective in managing this condition. It has aided in reducing the amount and frequency of the seizures. Whether you want to buy regular CBD Oil or Canine CBD Oils is up to you, keep in mind there may not be any difference between products, ask a veterinarian who is knowledgeable of marijuana for assistance.

Inflammation can also plague your pets; certain breeds of dogs are plagued by arthritis. CBD which is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties in treating chronic pain that can be associated with poor mobility. This pain is often caused by arthritis in your pet's joints. The affected joint could feel warm to touch these symptoms can be relieved by the addition of CBD to their daily diet.

Other benefits that have been associated with CBD usage are a reduction of anxiety boosting appetite and improvement of the dog's coat and skin. Reduction of shedding has also been noticed, and lastly, I will mention that it supports healthy organ function.


We need to look at the dosage for animals. To start,it is a good idea, to begin with, 1-5mg of CBD per ten pounds of body weight. This should be administered every eight hours for pain issues. Your friend should begin to feel results in 30-60 mins. If after one hour there is no noticeable improvement of symptoms you could increase the dosage slowly. To assist with behavioral habit, I would suggest dosing once or twice a day.

Choosing a porous snack that your friend enjoys will be a perfect treat to sneak some oil in.  A good snack will soak up the CBD oil. You can also make a delicious cool CBD infused snack for your pet by freezing meat stock in individual ice cube trays that are infused with a correct dose of CBD for your dog.

To date, there is no known toxicity to CBD. There will be no side effects as there can be with other medications that are prescribed by your vet.

As with any change in your pet's diet, this should be done slowly, not to upset their digestive tract.


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