Health Canada approves the release of cannabis vaping products

Published Jan 1, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Canadians have warmly welcomed federal marijuana legalization, but the selection of products on the legal market has many experienced consumers still relying on the black market. THC vape juice and other cannabis-infused vaping products remained banned, and with the release of edibles more than a year after legalization, many are anxiously awaiting access to regulated goods.

Vaping illness epidemic

Experts point towards the past year of devastating occurrences among vapers as the main reason for it taking so long. In this past year alone, there have been hundreds of reported issues with vaping, with 33 cases requiring hospitalization or emergency intervention to save individuals’ lives. Speculation as to why this has happened has been little more than a rumor, with specialists working around the clock, and coming up empty-handed.

So far, all we do seem to know for certain is that the majority of the most severe illnesses seems to be associated with black market’s THC vape juice and counterfeit pens, but since these items are not yet available for sale in legal dispensaries, there is no way to know for certain if this commonality is due to a lack of legal suppliers.

Once hospitalizations began, Health Canada promised to conduct rigorous testing on THC vape juice and THC vape pens options long before they would be allowed on the market. They also insinuated that certain qualities like flavorings might not be allowed for fear of enticing youth, and the possibility of the tasty ingredients as a potential culprit in this devastating situation.

Is vaping bad for you?

There is not one, yes or no answer for this question just yet, however, thousands of people all over the world have managed to quit smoking entirely with the assistance of a vape pen. A technique that healthcare professionals have slowly been getting behind as they see the astounding results for themselves. Consumers are looking and feeling better after making the switch, but there is no clinical evidence to prove that it is either safe or not suitable for inhalation.


Health Canada says THC vape juice has not been thoroughly tested

Despite promising to investigate the situation, Health Canada is adamant that much more research is necessary to know anything for certain. Though they have tested all the ingredients in regular vaping products for dangerous content, they have yet to test cannabis-infused options, as they are not yet produced or available on the legal market. So far, they have come up with no known reason for the massive outbreak, and because of that, they are approving the release of THC vape juice in as little as one week.

Health Canada promises to keep working towards a solution

Health Canada has tested cooled vape juices for potential issues, but they have yet to conduct any kind of research on the ingredient’s emissions. The problem, they claim, is that they have no access to legitimate products to test, so they cannot in good conscious come to a dependable determination until THC vape juice is available in-store, at which time they plan on continuing with essential research to uncover the answers that so many people are waiting for.

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